Pets are like family.

  • I've a kitten named Milo.

    She's about 5-6 months old, according to the vet.

    I found on her on the street, starving and meowing.

    I live alone in a rented apartment and I knew from past experiences that having a cat would mean the destruction of it, so I never planned to keep her. However, I did take her in, at the time assuming it would be temporary. I told myself that I'll bring her to a point that she's healthy and good around people, then I would find her a good home.

    ...and then I decided that my apartment would be her new home because she follows me everywhere and she's just too adorable. A little black blob or fur. The only white she has is just a few, thin strands on her belly. Her eyes are a very nice yellow-ish green, dare I say golden.

    Needless to say, the wooden floor of my bedroom has been completely ruined and the landlord did not approve of my decision. But he's a cool guy, very kind and understanding, so he didn't throw us out. Yet.

    I've taught her the "sit" command, she goes on walks on the leash and she likes to play with balls. I'm teaching her how to fetch and she'll truly become a full on doggo.

    If I did this correctly, you should have the option to share your stories about your companions of a different species as well!

    I consider her as my adopted daughter, although she's starting to feel like a little sister, since she wants to do everything I do and play with me all the time.

  • i like pets just like anyone. but damn some of you go way overboard these days! drive thrus for dogs??????? jewlery? psychics? FOR PETS!????????

  • @mikeJB To each their own. It's for a reason that some people treat their pets like family and it's because they may not have one or their real family is not precisely that great. Perhaps some people may want children but they cannot have them, maybe due to the lack of confidence to bear such a responsibility or due to a physical impediment, so they find joy in their pets. Yes, some people may go overboard and buy jewellery for pets and, even from my point of view, it would be a bit of a "waste, but if it makes people happy and it doesn't harm anyone, I'm cool with it (that's the way I go about most things).

    Where I personally stand with my kitten, I just want to make sure she's healthy and have enough money to take her on walks in nice places like forests. It's healthy for me too!

  • @Alecsandra nice to know about self arsi. can we text some where eals?

  • @Alecsandra actually I am new here. if u agree then we can text at kik or snapchat ir skype or whatsapp anywhere u want for decent text.

  • @Alecsandra my kik id is orcy2
    I am hopefull for your text. thank you.

  • @orcy I'm sorry but I don't use Kik.

  • @Alecsandra but somewhere eals?

  • @Alecsandra orcy-2 is my snapchat id

  • @orcy It's nice to meet you Arsi but I would like to keep our conversation in this platform and not outside it.

  • This post is deleted!

  • We can build a free website for Ur pet

  • I got myself a cat a female one. She was kicked out from some apartment as she was like 45 days and it was winter time. That was 2 years ago. Imagine,throwing a helpless cat in this time of the year out. She was in front of our door so was of course invited to come in and been in from this time. They are family members not only an item to own. God bless you.

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