If u spend like an hour talking to someone on here...


    and they just disconnect right after without even saying goodbye, that’s rude right? I don’t get it.

  • i would at least get a phone number/fb info something because you never know....you might have just talked an hr with your soulmate and not even know it til the end of the night. then you are like DAMN !


    @mikeJB lol yeah soulmate might be a stretch. I just like manners I guess.

  • i hide nothing. as far as soulmate, i disgree. you can ask people on here that will claim some of the people they have met on here might just be "the one". i have recently chatted on here with someone and we extended it to voice and i can honestly say she makes me smile and makes my heart warm inside. :)


    @mikeJB that is really sweet! Best wishes to you both. 😊

  • @Mia-x not sure if she knows yet....but will now! :)


    @mikeJB awww!

  • @Mia-x ....you r right...I am too

  • @Mia-x Oh I totally get where you're coming from. It's really shit isn't it? I used to have random online fun sometimes; last week was my first time in the best part of a year as I'd lost interest, but I think something about being alone at Xmas/New Year triggered something.

    I've never disconnected purposefully immediately afterwards. I find it really rude. I've had that done to me, and I've had it done to me partway through when they've finished and I hadn't. But usually I found it's been together then they disconnect. One time I accidentally disconnected as I was finishing and I felt soooooooo awful!!! I'm just not that selfish!!!! Plus on almost every occasion I've talked to them for a while before and made a connection, I'm not really into diving into play cold... and if you've chatted before it seems logical you might chat after, right?

    The most memorable chat I ever had lasted over six hours. We chatted for almost an hour, played, chatted more, played again, then chatted another four hours. The conversation was far more rewarding than the playtime, and we didn't want to part.

    It does sadden me that so many peeps are only out for kicks, but as long as they're upfront about it and not misleading anyone I guess that's their prerogative. The girl I played with last week when we had finished, she actually asked me if I had to go, in a resigned and depressed manner because that was clearly what she had come to expect. And that is awful. I said absolutely not I'm not going anywhere, and she was really surprised. That should not be the norm... 😞


    @Matt_Aranha thank you. You sound very sweet and thoughtful. And decent lol. I completely agree with what you wrote and definitely about people just being cool and honest about it. With that being said, it happened to me where I disconnected accidentally and I also felt like total shit about it. So I guess I shouldn’t be judging too harshly. I hope you are doing better after the holiday loneliness. ❤️

  • @Mia-x Thank you, I truly appreciate your kindness (I do feel lots better yes 😊). I still think more people disconnect on purpose than not but perhaps if we've both done it accidentally others do too. I hope you feel better today too, and have a better experience next time.


    @Matt_Aranha yeah the holidays can be rough even if you are surrounded by people. I’m glad you’re doing better. And thank you 😊