• Sunny day ... sorrow left a trail of tears. Craving love with beach houses on the ocean waves. Among all today never seemed so worth it. Swallows fly high in the sunshine ketching little insects. Winds blow as time slowly ticks as the cold salty waves flow.
    Faded with memories of time spent looking so high up above. The world moving so slow losing minds in the pall trees. With cars driving down the street the sound was loud but with people waving at me with there hands out the window. With my eyes looking into the day sky today never seemed so worth it. I was alone before now I have the power to see the world with trees that haven't yet been cut down for wood. I get to feel the river as the cold water touches my toes. I am not afraid to lose my life because today never seemed so worth it.

    Thank you all I am glad you guys like my stories it makes me happy to know people can enjoy things again. I will be posting soon.

  • @Emma-Bradley another peach Emma, i really enjoy your little reveries. They transport me from the everyday to a burst of poetic imagery. Keep up the good work 😊

  • @Scottish incidentally is that your hair in the infinity loop?

  • @Scottish Aww your welcome haha I just think my stories in my mind and make them come to life. I am glad you enjoy my work. Thank you.

  • @Emma-Bradley have you considered publishing a collection? It's the sort of thing that would destress people on their commute to work etc, a mini escape. Not sure to think of it as poetry or prose so i reckon I'll call it prosetry, you invented a new genre, hats off to you!

  • @Emma-Bradley that’s another masterpiece straight from the heart