• " Sunrise awoke him as a dream so true. A dream of love. His dream was about a girl so shy. His life wasn't easy but he tried. His dog lay on the bed tucked in the blankets that kept him warm. A kiss to his loved one sleeping so silently. My dear wake up for this dream is real and real as it be I love you forever he whispered so clear. My dear, I grab your arm kissing it slowly. I won't leave you he had spoken... I sware my love placing his hand among her stomach. She has awoken with his eyes looking so unread. My dear, he said may I love you this morning for I can't control this feeling of lust. She had whispered oh yes my dear take me to heaven for pleasing is what is true. He then took off his shirt laying down now next to his love. He took of her shirt slowly kissing her neck. My love Thank you for having me I will not hurt you no need to be frighted. They lay in bed after a sexual peasing.. Breathing hard as gasps of airflow in the room with each kiss they became strong. His never goodbye lay happy with me a girl so shy."

    thank you this is something different but hey I tried.

  • If you wrote that...it is beautiful.

  • @jenvi thank you I wrote it myself took a bit but I got it done.

  • I hope you have a journalist degree or an author. I would certainly my be intrigued to read stories with such epilogues in them.

  • @jenvi ha why thank you. I will post more soon I am glad you like my stories.