• " Hum a song through hard times his voice fills a simple one-way path"
    "pain with the heartbroken down can't stop us from leaving everything behind"
    "Behind your eyes, I see a picture of us sitting together on the snowy beaches with seamless waves about to freeze over".

    " Even if the pathway ends finding a way out of the dark with you a light wouldn't be the end of a way out it would be the beginning"
    "Thinking about you when you're far away holding the memory of us holding hands."
    "Dancing to each other's music as our feet feel the beat as we get closer as you're forehead leans on mine."
    "A am not going to lose you as if it was all for nothing as fire burns between us"
    " Mindless entertainment when we watch videos together laughing so hard falling on the floor as we snort like pigs"
    " I was a fool for ya mindset without a constant feeling of being alone".

    " A mess I was A fool we were talking about how it will end seeing you in daylight as we forgive the nights we had with so many mistakes I forgive myself for having a broken heart".
    "Given the chance to meet someone like him is magical like when it comes naturally a little love a day can make the most pain and sorrow go away just to make each other so happy to be alive".

    Thank you all I hope you enjoyed this sorry for not posting much.

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