• When most ppl come on here they wanna chat be friends ya know be nice cuss here and there😂but others come here for dating,sexting,ect. Y do ppl do it idk they don't know us they don't live next door so y do all these things to strangers? Idk but I personally don't like it but everyone has different opinions. So help me get most of the pervs away thank u😊😉

  • Music Lovers

    hahaha... Its a strange world, you can find every kind of ppl, so wait for correct one.... :smile:

  • Yeah ,those are people simply known as savage idiotic fools because they ruin everything ,when we come to TWS first thing they ask is your gender ,and now it is really hard for guy to talk with someone because of savage people in this site! The first time I came here I had reconnect more than 32times to have proper conversation!!!! I kept coming here because of lack of proper friends in real life but I had to face hordes of savage preverts.I hate to agree with @phaeris but those are the people who should just die !

  • @Lilly-Reyes let's chat and be friend

  • LurkersForLife

    i also wanna say something with the help of this post @Lilly-Reyes i already reported a user name @Your_daddy please take action against him he is like this very horny indian male guy just like "hello dear" post do if u can bcz i guess you have the reputation score to report
    thank you peace

  • @harsh-chauhan this site is in desperate need of people like you.

  • Honestly @Lilly-Reyes i think you have mistaken.there are many perva here. And ive thought about the reason they like it alot and i think because they have a sense of sexurity that no one knows what they do in real life. And how they really are deep inside.

    I honestly havent been able to find someone that just wants to be friends and just talk about stuff and know people . I dunno maybe the way i approach is boring who knows. The point is of you are looking out for sth good you gotta take a leap of faith . Thats why ive opened my dms because i know i cant know people unless i talk to them

  • When I see 1 I'll let you know..