any of you long for things to go back to simple again?

  • i came here hoping to meet someone who might look at the world the way i do. do you hate phonies? and greed? and narcissism? do you still appreciate nature and her beauty? a warm hand to hold? and a sky full of stars as the greatest canvas ever!? maybe i'm stuck forever in a 100mph world where that same person would like to be let off the merry go round and enjoy a quiet walk. guess i'm a walking Twilight Zone episode. look up "A Stop At Willoughby" and you'll see what i mean. later

  • I think every body can be interested. Its just nowdays people are busy with some stuff that just pull them away from caring about any of these things. today when men look at women they only want some fun. they never think being intimated with someone is not having sex, But Its being connected from inside. Its being similar to each other and when there are differences accept them and dont try to change someone just because u think u are in the right way. Women are after money and looks and the same fun. Of course this is not correct about everyone. There are always some different people with different ideas.

  • its just everybody is so full of everything around them that they dont notice many beauties. maybe some laugh at what I say. But I dont care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!