• Most people I know want to improve themselves but dont. It's harder to find people who take action toward a goal if they have any to begin with. They're stuck in this juxtaposition between progress and stagnation.

    We programmed habits in our minds that affect our choices and beliefs. We can do anything if we could just reframe our way of thinking. We all have unlimited potential to accomplish anything, but the thought of that is pain.

    Why is it painful to think of progress? It's the nature of our minds to preserve the body. If you experienced pain from something like a relationship you may hesitate and hold yourself back from completely giving all of you to anyone. Maybe you put some effort into getting fit, tried it failed, and only remember how draggy it was to get up and "just do it." This just means your brain is doing its job to provide a sense of security.

    With that in mind it helps to know the 4 elements of success. The first one is potential which is something we all have and something that doesn't change in value. The second is action what do we do to reach our goal. Third is the results how did the result of our action impact us? We all succeeding in something yet we still doubt ourselves. Fourth element is belief.

    Belief is the Integral part of success. How we talk to ourselves set us up for how we go about accomplishing stuff. Taking action is great but where we place our focus impacts how we perform and allows us to tap into confidence and our potential. It's the difference of asking ourselves, "how can I get this done?" Verses "will I be able to pull this off?"

    Having the attitude of doubt will only bring us to perform tasks in pain, keeping us from enjoying the process and performing at 100 due to our lack of confidence. Tony calls that "the death rattle of personal success"

    Anyway if you read this far cool. What are your success stories/thoughts on this?