• What are most stories about when you wright poetry?. why is poetry so relatable.? how can poets wright with such passion?. Is it the sky above that rained down on the soft cheeks of one little child?. Why question the earth when you have the power to control its path of death. Do people trust their words will be heard or be kept apart?. Maybe not all stories have been told. How will one prove the truth when all is lost?. You may not read my words or understand how a story had been told long ago. Tell me your story of how a human so great within themself lost their way in a storm. Time has become too fast earth has spun so far from the sun yet we still stay spinning in the space soon to become a home for the unknown. Thank you all who love poetry I hope someday this inspires you to become more than lost. My name is Emms I am 18 years old I am a senior in high school. I write poetry every day when I get a chance too. You're never too young to speak your mind. I hope I learn more from you. I will post more soon thank you.

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