Music, Movies and poems

  • @GirlNextDoor really that's awesome, any favourites?

  • @Angie you look like a girl to me 😄

  • You guys have any recommendation of poems, music, or movies?

  • @davitchen thank you 🙂

  • @Angie You're welecome! And if you're wondering about what series do I like, i just like Game of Thrones and Big bang theory (Well, im such a nerd)! 🙂

  • @Angie Ohh, i could say Green Day (particullary the new album), Nickelback and Oasis (Wonderwall)

  • Hey Guys i have an Instagram support group , PM me on Telegram to know more- @joj4y

  • pretty pretty pls check

  • Out of the hundreds of movies I've seen, Double Jeopardy has to be the best. Tommy Lee Jones plays an exceptional role as a parole officer and sole administrator of a halfway house. A woman who I can't remember the name of, is falsely accused of murdering her husband, and it sent to prison to serve a life sentence. she ends up getting out early on good Behavior, and goes to the halfway house that is managed by Tommy Lee Jones's character. While she was in prison, she Tracked Down The Woman who was caring for her son and under certain circumstances, she realizes her husband is not dead because her son while still on the phone sees his father come through the front door and says and I quote, "Daddy's home!" leading her to believe that her husband is in fact alive. And so when she gets to the halfway house she proceeded to search for the woman who her son is being cared for by. and in a crazy turn of events she ends up tracking down the man her husband who was previously thought to be dead and proves that he is not who he says he is and she finds out along the way that if she were to hypothetically kill him again she would not be able to be charged with murder due to the double jeopardy law which states that an individual cannot be charged with the same crime twice. Eventually in the falling action of the story she has killed him and befriended the halfway house manager AKA Tommy Lee Jones she also gets her son back in the end. it's an amazing movie and I hope someone out there takes my advice and watches it. you will not be disappointed

  • Does anyone prefer ther remake of charlie and the chocolate factory over the original?

  • thinking of you - Katy Perry
    reminding me - Shawn Hook
    the feels 😞 ...

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