• I pretend to be straight, and tell my friends that I actually appreciate rejection because "it makes you grow". Truth is, I think my (also female)friend is super attractive, and I would never confess, because I just know she's into boys(or just not into me). The only reason I don't really care about rejection is because I never really liked them. I like her.

  • @Wedo hey, it's ok to be bi, i haven't had a girlfriend who wasn't for more than 20 years. It's also ok to be lesbian, gay, hetero, doesnt matter, as long as you're nice, that's all that matters. Maybe you should talk to your friend, who knows, she may feel the same. Is that where your fear of rejection comes from? Every relationship or admission of feelings is a risk of rejection ànd hurt. Still gotta go for it though, what else, sit in a dark room wondering? If that's how you feel with your sexuality then go for it. Even if your friend doesnt reciprocate there will be others who do.

  • @Scottish Thank you, I'm just a bit scared. But now that you mention it, you are absolutely correct. I think I'm just going to do it. Like a band-aid,just rip it off. I mean, if she doesn't reciprocate it, she's pretty cool, and it would only strengthen our friendship(i think). I'll do it right now.

  • Okay, maybe tommorow. But, either way, its happening.

  • @Wedo i hope it goes the way you'd like it too.

  • @Wedo You really do never know. My most recent (proper) girlfriend was 30 and had been gay since long before I knew her (a couple of years before we started seeing each other). After one particular night out when we had got along really well we started hanging out lots. I knew I liked her but I would never have done anything because I thought she was 100% unavailable to my gender. So did she. Then one evening we went to a gig just the two of us... she had worn a very brave black fishnet top over a red bra to get my attention (I still respected the perceived boundaries though) and by the end of the night had made a pass at me. She was unsure of herself and we took things very slowly at first, but we made it work.

    What I'm attempting to say is that your friend might not be as straight or as uninterested in you as you thought after all... I wish you the best of luck either way.

  • @Wedo How long has she been your friend? Most of the time you know if someone is gay or straight if you’ve been friends for any length of time. If you believe she is straight, then you shouldn’t take precious time away from yourself hoping that one day she will change. Life is too short! And there is plenty of lesbians to get to know and appreciate you for you. If she really is a good friend, it should not matter if you are a lesbian. However, we can’t do anything about how someone feels about these matters. You should prepare yourself in advance for whatever reaction you receive when you do tell her. And I believe you will tell her. Because right now the relationship is under false pretenses even if it did not start out that way. I do wish you well & hope everything turns out OK for both of you.