• Maybe that's in the form of a metaphor, figurative language, etc. how does heartbreak look and feel to you??

  • @despairing in a simple way it only means your growed up or someone else did and you are not on same lvl anymore , until you find someone thats on your lvl you will question yourself is it posiblle to be broken for ever

  • Heartbreak?... I dare not speak of such pain. 💅

  • @despairing Heartbreak occurs when you start to see the soul you knew and loved in a completely different way and realize that it is not right for you to say or try to do anything to help them grow and improve anymore. So you notice that the soul has become a new stranger that you would gladly avoid instead of creating happiness with them.

  • @despairing Heartbreaks make us weak.
    That even though ya are tough ya can't beat it.
    Ya gave it all but not fully enough for them. Ya stay even how painful it is.
    It is like Selena was there,
    Yet Justin chose Hailey.
    Tinkerbell was there,
    Yet Peterpan chose Wendy.
    Professor Snape was there,
    Yet Lily chose James.
    Hinata was there,
    Yet Naruto chose Sakura.
    Naruto was there,
    Yet Sakura chose Sasuke.
    Hanabi was there,
    Yet Hayabusa chose Kagura.
    Lovemir was there,
    Yet Maxpein still chose Deib.
    And you know what's even sadder?
    I was here...
    Yet he chose another.

    Another story was written
    When you just have forgotten
    Even if i ve already taken
    Still i said something mistaken

    We start by hello
    I said you are my hero
    You denied as it is a zero
    Till we both let it go

    Sometimes i miss the piece of you
    But you still repeat it is matter of blue
    What is all about blue?
    I dont need such perfect things in you
    As you are not ocean but you are my boo
    For me, i love imperfect you

    Once, keep things balance
    Can we start it as friends?
    As i wanna say words
    You are all of my answers
    But i can not have such owners
    Coz imma wolfs,
    Loners and losers

    Hence, be back to me as old time
    When i call you are mine
    Such a beauty of an illusion
    You always be my lion
    History is still hold on
    But i will be with you and go on
    Hence, dont leave me alone
    Be strong, be my backbone
    Coz you are my one.