• This post is deleted!

  • okay tumor.

  • You have committed crimes agianst Skyrim and her people,what say you in your defense?

  • @Sam29
    Lemme answer that

    1. it wrong someone likes someone here?! Which crime did I commit?

    Nah. It is not wrong. You did not do any crime.

    1. Is it wrong if someone is not comfortable in showing themselves up with "strangers"? I've revealed myself to a few those people who I know I can trust. And whom I couldn't and who forced me to.. I couldn't show myself. As straight as that!

    Nah. It means you have a good friends. The rest, i will say duly noted.

    1. Is it wrong if I just ask general questions to someone about why n what in a matter?

    Nah. It is not wrong. Both of a person who ask question and answer the question have the same right to say whatever they wanna say. It is just about perception.

    1. Is it wrong to apologise after a mistake?

    Nah. Wtf? People did mistakes tho.

    ... That's all I had to say tbh.. now .. I'll be honest .. this place overall is good. But addictive and just with a few loopholes here n there.. and now. These loopholes were eating me up.. So I'm saving myself from this and out!. Thank You! (And no dont leave any messages cuz you'll be disappointed after not getting a response)
    And last but not the least
    I hope it's not a crime to leave right? If it is.. I'm sorry I'm committing it . Thanks
    Bye Boys n Ladies. Those who know me.. love yall . Bye

    😂 Sam, i dunno that you are into Drama btw. Once i just saw you as a good kiddo in public chat, like innocent kiddo who is virgin and never be touched or even noticed by everyone sorry to say that but again, every perception and opinion are based on your own logical statements and your thought. Do whatever you wanna do as long as it is good. I wish you enjoy your retirement.