My story - I feel not worthy anymore

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    Hi everyone. Some people here might know me. I recently went through a breakup and yeah i know it is just a very minor setback in such a huge life. But what hurted me then was that I never get the reason of breakup even though I am a nice guy and with all good guys stuff.
    Now some people know me the guy who asks if they are horny. Yes but i think it was just an attempt to ask for validation. Recently, so many girls rejected me just for my looks. They didnt say so but i know. If so many just go away the moment they see me, i get the idea. I dont know what to do. When did a guy's face or looks started mattering so much? I feel so fed up. Its not like i can change my looks. But are girls really so shallow or is it just the humankind? I hope none. Let me know

  • Honestly, I don't think it's your looks. I don't know what you look like and looks are a factor in dating for sure, but it's smaller than you may expect. At least with people you should want to be in a relationship with. I think it might be because you are fed up with things atm. I've always found that very easy to sense in guys, even when just meeting someone, they treat you differently. the body language is different etc. I've dated prettier and less pretty guys but rejected everybody who seemed to think similar to this straight on.
    Now I don't know why your last relationship ended. But apparently, she didn't think you two fit together properly. That is not necesarily your or her fault. Just means you gotta find someone who is better suited for you.

  • Soul Searchers

    @bluepie No. I am not fed up with thing like you are sensing. But anyway thanks.

  • If not that's good, I was replying to the bit where you say yourself that you were fed up as well as the part where you start to wonder if it's your looks. Not really sensing anything, that's easy in person, not so much in text.

  • Soul Searchers

    @bluepie hmu in dm. Lets talk

  • its not always about the looks, girls look for more than just that. breakups aren't good and they really really suck, but one day you'll be okay again and love who you are. As long as you love yourself, you won't need anybody's opinion at all. Most girls think all a guy wants is sex & sometimes that may be true, but as long as a guy proves he really cares girls will start to realize it but for us girls its hard to tell when a guy actually likes us or just wants to have sex and use our bodies. you will get better ! whenever you say girls only care ab looks, thats not always the case just like guys. but i hope you get better soon & im sorry ab your breakup.

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