Could u give some attention to spammers on live chat ?

  • @TalkWithStranger

    Whenever I visit live chat there is at least one guy like this.
    I would suggest u to take vote from online users from live chat. It has some disadvantages tho . but don't think any other good way.
    And @Global-Moderators what do u think how can we stop spammers on live chat?

  • @TalkWithStranger I was on banter n I saw a great feature of ignoring users . I guess that like of feature live chat needs too

  • That chatroom was created so there would be no spamming. It autobans spammers. It used to warn users and won't be able to chat in specific duration. I don't know what happened. There has been reports from users and I already messaged tws about this. We can't revoke or ban the spammers and they also clone users. We don't even have access of their IPs. I believe autoban is disabled too.

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