• I am looking for US person to get partnership for long-term.

    Do you know Upwork site? This is the freelancing job site.
    First, you need to see the followings:

    In a word, the main goal of this project is to make many benefits with your Upwork account by using cooperate with you and me.

    Some people are hesitant and unable to come forward-thinking that it was a hacking attack or a forgery.
    But this is not any hacking or forgery and I am not interested in it.
    My aim is to earn more benefits from Upwork.
    You lend me your account and can get top honor and regular and stable benefits without working.
    If you are working for a company and you don’t use the Upwork account because you do not have much time or interest in it, I will use it instead to make a profit and your honor top.
    If you have no account for it, you don’t need to worry about it.
    If you are a real US person, it is no problem to make it newly. But you will need my help a bit for it.
    As you can see above, not a few Americans are actually doing this, and they are getting money and fame without any disruption. John is also one of them.
    But I can't force this on you.
    This should be a long term contract that needs to be maintained for four to five years, so we must build solid trust from the start.
    If you are interested in this proposal, please contact me anytime.
    And then, I will discuss more details about the contract(such as profit distribution, using method and etc).
    Thanks for your interesting.
    Skype ID: live:uearngold

  • I will earn 2~3k for 1~2 months and over 8~10k after 6 months using your account.