• Why bloody word "bloody" is so bloody popular among good people of the Foggy Albion? Or maybe that's just a bloody stereotype? If so, I humbly ask you to excuse me for my ignorance.
    I heard this word many times while watching TV Show Peaky Blinders, interviews of British rockstars, movies... recently I wathched one bloody film.
    Actually, it was a good one. Called Threads. It's about nuclear war between USA and USSR. And Great Britain finds out to be caught between the hammer and the anvil.
    It is a very serious film, kinda "documental" apocalyptic story. Very authentic and gloomy. Sufferring and complete hopelessness. I strongly recommend to watch this film.
    After seeing it I have decided to download screenplay and find all matches with word bloody. They are 10 matches in total.

    bloody head
    bloody Russia
    bloody ridiculous
    bloody real
    bloody hell x3
    bloody water
    bloody know
    bloody dangerous

    In fact I like this word, it's a good euphemism to word "f..king", isn't it?

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  • @Red-Threat This post is bloody good 😁

  • As an Englishman myself, I can report that it is indeed a stereotype that we use 'bloody' all the time. We do say it sometimes, admittedly, but it's probably our ninth or tenth choice of swear. The F-bomb is our go-to cuss as standard. 'C' if you're among friends.

    You're right, too: 'Threads' was very impressive. If you like that, I recommend Day of the Triffids (the John Duttine version), or the original 70's 'Survivors'.

    Peaky Blinders, though? Seriously? It's just Boardwalk Empire for c hipsters.

  • @Red-Threat you've got it, you're bloody right man! It's a more socially acceptable version of fucking essentially. So you can say it at your grandma's house, in a restaurant, around children etc without being rude or uncouth. It's bloody brilliant isn't it? Incidentally that has reminded me of a song, bloody motherfucking asshole by martha wainwright, check it out, its bloody motherfucking good lolz

  • @Indrid-Cold Beg your pardon. Obviously Peaky Blinders isn't the best example.
    Outlaws are talking 95% of screen time in that show.
    But what so bad in the show itself? Maybe screenplay isn't the best but I, personally, like it for the gloomy ambience of the poor UK districts of that time. So... from the point of aesthetics this show isn't bad, in my humble opinion.

    Of course you know it better than me but maybe frequency of using this words depends on district? Or maybe this word is so popular only in pop culture...
    Anyway, stereotypic words of my native language, which known in the world, are quite less decent than the word "bloody"...

  • Bloody hell

  • @ZucchiniJess Me too..wanna chat?