• Share a musical track that you love and think is absolutely amazing (from a movie).
    I'll rate it and maybe give my opinion on it.

    Here's one I MUST share atm:


    I'm sorry but you just can't deny how fkn good it is. So iconic.



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    "Lose Yourself" - Eminem (8MILE)

  • Skyfall from Adele

  • Movie Buff

    @korglife17 truly is

  • @damncuteguy

    Hmmm I'd say a 8/10? It works well in the scene, anyway... Just not a huge fan of the song itself, but of course Justin Timberlake is immensely talented.

  • @catwoman

    Gotta give some credit to the music video itself as well, but all that aside... I wouldn't say this is perfect. However, it certainly is great. Obviously the vocals are on point af (it's Adele, duh). The instrumentals are fantastic and just so pleasing to experience. A lot of parts feel very 'Bond/spy-esque' and I love that.

    I'm usually not that into these kinds of songs, but I must admit this is overall really great. Basically the only nitpick I have of it is that I'm not sure if the lyrics tie well within the themes of the film itself (which isn't so important, I just kinda wish it did). I wouldn't really know if it does, though-- I'm just assuming based on what I've seen from the film so far. I really gotta finish this movie.

    But yea, like I said, it's great. It also feels very unique for its time, so koodos to it for that.


  • @sup

    Oh, I didn't even know this was included in a movie. I assume it fits perfectly in the movie, but I haven't seen it to know for sure.

    I'm still an Eminem fanatic, so it's a little hard for me to judge this song without bias...

    In its time, this was SO damn good in so many ways, but it ain't perfect for me. I can't find much to criticize about it-- except for maybe, Idk, it begins to drag on at a certain point?

    Honestly, I'd still say that it holds up quite well today (even though "white rappers" are generally shitty and unaccepted these days).


  • Freedom Writers

    The Rambo trilogy to me has the best score - strong, emotional music full of heart.

    The Fist of the North Star series has amazing songs too - I train to those as well; intense feelings!

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