Sorry to whoever I posted a rude comment to or looked down upon, My reign of tyranny ends here, formal apologies.

  • @Vanie Don't worry about it lol, I had fun too xD

  • One Woman Army Music Lovers Sarah's Fan Club

    very cute, but now it's time for you to listen, @Addicted4life .

    the way i see it, you have two possible paths you could take. the path that you're currently on is the dark path. do you want to know what will happen if you decide to continue on this path? we'd probably continue this pointless little argument for a few more replies until i eventually block you, giving you no further attention. you'd probably move on and find other people to pick a fight with, and make everyone on this site hate you in the process. eventually, you'd piss off the wrong person and end up banned. i know that what you're really after is attention, but if you continue on this dark path, you'll end up with none. you'd be forgotten and alone, just another faceless internet troll.

    however, things don't have to be this way! you could choose another path, a better path! it would start with you replying "fuck it, we're good" and ending this thread. instead of harassing other people & being a general nuisance, you could embrace your good qualities and become an active & respected user of this site. i can already see that you're a person who has a lot to say, and you'd probably relish all the positive attention you'd get. by building up your reputation, you'd soon discover that people genuinely want to hear your thoughts on things, and you might even make a few good friends. sounds cool, right?
    and obviously, if you choose this path, i'd forget this little scuffle of ours in an instant, and there would be zero hard feelings from me.

    the choice is up to you, dude. i think that you're wise enough to choose the right path tho ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Can y'all pleaseeee get along?

  • @sarah_the_magpie This is what happens when you watch too many movies, you start to think you're an antagonist and everyone around you is the enemy, chill out with the drama shows, okay dear?

    I'm glad you became mature enough to stop replying, you finally know your place. Might as well name yourself sara the madpie instead of sara the magpie, you get angry real fast, lol.

  • @Addicted4life
    Formal Apology? xD

    Dude, you are a joke lel

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