• Dating back to WWI. Still creepy after all these years.

  • wow, nice thread! i've always been super fascinated about numbers stations. most of them are probably just spy stations or missile detectors from the cold war era, but there's still something eerie about them.

    "backwards music station" is probably the most fucked-up numbers station that i've come across. i don't even want to know what its purpose is. just imagine driving on some isolated road at night and turning your radio in and hearing this:

  • The Backwards Music Station gives me CHILLS. So dang creepy. I think it's claimed to not really be music at all, backwards or otherwise, but some sort of code placed in the notes. THB I don't care what that sound is meant to be, it sounds like background sounds for a horror movie! Glad someone else is interested in the Numbers Stations!

  • Updated 10/11

  • @sarah_the_magpie wow you learn something everyday if you descry just a little.