Is god real? Your thoughts

  • @topics27 well I came across these type of question before also, its a long conversation not so simple each people have their own opinion about God. many bad things are happening in the name of God. so in my perspective God do not exist. I could say all are God for themselves, people want to belong somewhere and if people do not know how to live thier life with harmony and peace with themselves and with their surroundings I guess God and religion is good to make a life in stracture and order yeah..
    Long long time ago people were very bad for themselves and towards their surroundings there were no order one smart man came up with brilliant idea to get people life in order with fear and greed to get control of mob.time to time it changed before it was paganism , then Greek Egypt Hindu mythology with multiple God and again its exactly like paganism didn't workwell. Because of multiple God.time passed one more smart thought to make universal one God Buddhist, jainism, Judaism, Christian, zorastrian,yezdi, Islam.. still fighting for their group saying my God is bigger than your will continue it won't stop. Only understanding is that I did adopt and accepted as God exist because my family and society and my surroundings. Basically it's not my God at all in first place so how I can adopt some else broken ideology and perspective of God innit? End of the day who is God here than myself. I am God for myself I cannot preach you as my God is your God. Funny innit?? I should be so fucked up to adopt my surroundings or some else God as my God..i accept it as it is , even I will belive you God exist only for you but for me to adopt your God as mine I will not do it.i will not disrespect your belief and faith of your God.. thats bad I guess ! So your God is yours my God is me rest peace harmony and respect

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    I don't believe in god. There is no scientific proof that God is real and created everything. The Big Bang Theory, which I'm currently studying, was a NATURAL REACTION and created what we now know, our universe, our stars, and our planets. Not to be offensive, but this is just my belief. I honestly hate when people use the "bible" for scientific reasoning.

    It’s just a system. People like to live in systems. Use it to your advantage. Look at what Hubbard did to us.

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    @girlnextdoor by the way. Raggnar did confess to the down votes and the admin knows he banned me but the admin wasn't present when ragnar angrily confessed on mod chat that he also deleted 400 posts of mine (a mod mods saw it and told me before rag deleted the confession)

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  • What a dumb topic, lol. 😂

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