Don't judge me for something trivial as that :b

  • Okay, so I feel like I should post something here as well.
    So how comes people judge you so hard if you like Sitcoms? I get that they are pretty simple minded and silly, but isn't just that kinda nice at times? I don't always want to be on edge and think about everything deeply. Sometimes I just like to laugh at a silly one-liner and a smug face.

  • So what if you're being judged? Enjoy what you want and don't bother others with it.

  • I have just been quite irritated, because it happened a lot lately, and I wonder since when that is a thing. Wasn't exactly the most hated genre before? and of course I keep doing what I like, I just wondered.

  • You shouldn't think about the opinions of others too much. You'll find life to be much easier like that.
    Btw I don't enjoy most sitcoms, but Prince of bel-air was neat.

  • @Felicitas I hadn't realised people did. I confess I can be that way a bit about soaps, but I really don't have a problem with people watching them. Sitcoms though, I think it depends on which one? A great many of them are not a fraction as funny as they try to be, and people only get on board because they are the latest trend. There have been plenty great sitcoms though.

  • i like tv series a lot but sometimes i drown in them..and what if you get those comments. do you enjoy the sitcoms..then all is said..i must concur re that most people don't agree on anything nowa day's and seeking (and getting) way's to say something..that is why i stay away from the most comments. they really are people venting on you so they don't have to look at themselves..

  • I kind of expected comments about how sitcoms got such an (in my recent experience) bad reputation, guess I should have written it differently :D but i appreciate it, of course I wont be bothered by it too much, Just irritated.

  • Who gives a fuck what others think? And since when did others opinions start mattering more to you than your own?

  • @ Felecitas okay thus which sitcoms are the most liked by you?? My guilty plesures are : elementry, station 19, outpost, doompatrol, and a few more

  • @dousy i didnt watch so many so far, since they have so many episodes, I got into it with the Big Bang Theory and Brooklyn nine nine, then watched Friends as a classic as well as the IT Crowd.

  • cool, as i said i sometimes drown in them...and there are not to many sifi since Warehouse 13 that peeks my interest..

    for BBT it's a cool sitcom, i specially like the way they talk about the universe called theorize about the star trek universe. brooklyn nine nine is not my cup of tea as well as the IT Crowd..but i get bored easily..

  • I really enjoyed Brooklyn nine nine, made people also recommend Suits to me, but I havent yet got to it. But i will check out the ones you listed, so thanks :)

  • these are not sitcoms but series, and suits is nice until season 2.. then it get's a bit repetitive ..and youre welcome ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • ohh okay, still might check them out, I watch other things as well :D I actually watch pretty much any genre.

  • cool. so what do you like the most in tv world?...or even outside the tv world?

  • in the tv world I like fantasy and sci fi stuff, I love Star Wars and many smaller shows like Killjoys, alternate carbon, the expanse. But I usually just click through anything and see if I enjoy it.

    and outside of the tv world.. thats another subject :P

  • Alternate carbon,,why did they stopped that?? it was a beautiful creation , Killjoy's still a very good one. Westworld very intriguing but plot laid out to soon. Eureka oldi but goldie Grimm, and of course Lucifer and Defiance.. out in the other part beyond tv..i'm just working as a tech guy ...

  • yeah, I wonder about that myself.. I really liked it and the whole idea. its nice when a show really picks up 1 detail like that and works around it.

    outside of the tv world I study gamedesign, so that takes up most of the passion around me :D

  • wow, game design..never got around to that, i mostly try to play with music or save some pc's. I did some disc jockey work at my last town but now i just make simple workout mixes..
    About that concept, yes there are not many shows that keep a theme alive like that. Ooh Continuum and Firefly..just jumped into my mind...

  • its a lot of fun :) and so is music, I am sure, I am just not a very rythmic person :D

    yeah, I tried out Firefly, but i couldnt really get into it, honestly. I know its super popular though