• I am an introvert. In our days that’s pretty much banal exclamation. People are saying that introverts are smarter, more gifted and intellectual than extroverts. Introverts are creating while extraverts are having parties and so on.
    And yet, I haven't find any proof of introverts’ higher intelligence. I know few people who are extroverts and they are smarter than me. I personally have no significant talents, I draw poorly, I have no musical ear, I’m bad at creating smth new.
    So I was surprised when I saw on Youtube so many comments in which extroverts were describing like dumbasses.
    Maybe I know why it is so. If you’re introvert like me, who have some problems with communication, you will inevitably be shrouded in the illusion of your own elitism. Look, I’m not listening to hip-hop or pop, I prefer more complicated music, I’m playing games in which no one are playing at the moment, I read some books, learn foreign language etc. These thoughts are like dust in the eyes. You think that you are special, that you don’t need some company just because you get used to your loneliness and you need some excuse for your passivity.
    We should be more objective to ourselves and people around.

  • Well I think it's due to more time to read n watch Interesting shit on tv and not IQ in general.
    While im reading about science for 2 hours others are playing sports, clubbing etc etc, so we get the opportunity so appear smarter

  • This is a very thoughtful post. And I'd say, @Redthreat, that you do have a significant talent, and that's obviously as a taboo-busting deconstructer of social preconceptions.

    I agree with your central idea, but in defense of them introverts...

    I'd like to think I switch between introversion and extroversion as required. In my 9-5, I've got a workforce I've got to keep happy and that requires a certain amount of extroverty group motivation and general gobshytery, and at the end of the day, I'm exhausted. Maybe that's all introverts are: a few people acting as receptacles for some kind of collective psychic exhaustion, on behalf of the rest of us chattering, larking-around loons?

    It'd make sense, because, think about it: over the course of human evolution, introversion would've died out if it didn't play some mysterious, vital role in the universe -- because in any romantic couple, there's always one person more motivated and pro-active than the other, right? So how does the personality of the more passive parent survive into the next generation? All babies and infants start off as needy little extroverts. Have you ever known a kid that isn't a group-orientated attention-magnet until society shuts it down, assuming that it does?

  • @Indrid-Cold Thank you very much for so detailed comment.
    Let me notice, though, that I wasn't saying about all introverts, only difficult and arrogant ones.