Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @how-to-make-a cool, I respect your opinion.
    it was actually quite informative, those are the kind of comments we need, not ones just saying 'fuck you fuck religion', hope you understand.

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  • @how-to-make-a
    yeah, I understand.

  • Yee probably

  • @how-to-make-a i respect that... I was a combat signaler from the Singapore Armed Forces, Unit 23 SA (Singapore Artillery), served 5 years in Afghan and 5 in East Timor under UN Peace keeping... 1st Sgt by rank got discharged due to an accident to my back..

  • no no i don't think so i am indian but all are not alike

  • No religion in the world contains only terrorists or only priests. Every religion in the world has their own flaws and good points. The actions of a few cannot be used to define all. And most importantly terrorists don't have any religion, because the last time that I checked bloodshed wasn't the integral part of any existing religion.

  • @how-to-make-a yeah i dont take shit at all... I have major anger management and i control it by reading and researching on anything and everything... So if im being nice and respect your opinion means my therapy is working... Believe what you want and say what you want... Does't bother me... Im just sharing what I have researched and read... For a soldier to not hate muslim even after being in war zone area and seeing comrades getting shot by muslims that says alot....

  • @how-to-make-a stop banking on the fact you are ex muslim and state that YOUR facts is BENEFICIAL fact..

    Everyone else who reads this, do some research and read up on the history of islam and the translated english version of the quran... This coming from a soldier from christian faith...

  • i dont think so but people of Islam making Islam is a religion of terrorism

  • I think mostly all religions are guilty of doing some bad things in the name of religion including those who profess to be Christians. In fact this was mentioned in the Bible Book of Revelation 18:24

    24 Yes, in her was found the blood of prophets and of holy ones+ and of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    Now noticed i said most religions the reason i said that because there is a religion that pratices the two greatest Commandments which is number one love for God and two love for neighbor so in other words they refuse to fight against tgeir fellow humans even if this means persecution or jail.

    If you would like to know more about this or other important questions about life please visited

  • Islam has a 15-20% of radicals that are pretty hostile to America, and Islam has over 1 billion Muslims and 15-20% of that is almost equivalent to America's total population, and so that is enough for me to rethink about whether or not Islam is a religion of terrorism. It does teach to kill, but people don't want to believe their own truth, so they say made up thin like "religion of peace".

  • @how-to-make-a Christianity is not ridiculous, let's have a debate, hmu on the chats or we can do it publicly it don't matter to me

  • @luvthyyneighbor Hey man, I am a Christian too, but you need to know that the "God" Islam worships is not the same us, Believers, worship.

  • @how-to-make-a hell naw nigga, I would never respect someone's opnion, I'm not sayin that I'll never say that

  • never was and never will Islam be a terror religion. Fools claiming to be Muslims just hide behind the great name and shed it in blood...

  • @how-to-make-a I need no time to change my thoughts man, see I'm christian and what I know of Islam is simple enough to judge it worthy of respect brother!!!

  • It's a religion it's been one for a long time.

  • No, coz I have some close friends who are Muslims and they are changing in a good way. Seriously, I'm not lying. And they made me interested in Islam. #appericiate

  • @positivegirl I left the religion. Your friends don't tell you the fine print. Read the authors Robert Spencer, Ibn Warraq, Nonie Darwish, Walid Phares, Christopher Hitchens and check out the website of ex Muslims who will tell you the stuff people trying to revert you won't..

    The terrorism comes from the fact Muhammed divided the world into Dar al Harb (house of war/nonMuslims) and Dar al Islam (house of Islam) and he said to wage perpetual war (jihad) until the non-Muslims are subdued and they live in an apartheid state where non Muslims pay higer taxes (jizyah) and have fewer rights (dhimmitude). Sura 9:29 Most of the religion is political not spiritual. Of all the ideologies in the world - it has the lowest women's rights, lowest human rights, lowest freedom index. They lie and say Muhammed granted rights to women they didn't have -- many cultures had women in power and working before that.

    also Jews used to sacrifice animals until the temple was destroyed. In Christianity Jesus died to pay the blood price and everyone's sins so that no one would every have to do a blood sacrifice again. Islamic Jesus was never crucified so the only way Muslims can guarentee to have all their sins washed is with the first drop of blood they spill waging jihad and then they get to go to paradise, get intercession for salvation for 70 of your family members and 72 virgins/grapes.

    Islam is a plagerized religion. Muhammed could read - he was hired to do business and wrote contracts etc. He pretended he couldn't read because it was so obvious that he plagerized that he had to make up a story and he physically hurt/killed people for criticizing and making fun of him for it. In the Bible it says that Satan will come as an angel of light and produce a false prophet who denies the divinity of Jesus and decieves many nations by saying they come in peace, and the Bible also says do not bow down before a rock, and that in end times Jesus will fight the antichirst and when he wins he will rip the crescent moons off the camels. He was a merchant so he heard a lot of stories. His embryology stuff was ripped off from a greek called Galen to the point they got the exact same thing wrong - Muhammed's companion studied at a school where Galen was taught to medical students. Islam is actually closest to ancient Baal worship. The pagans used to make a pilgramage to Mekkah and pray to and and circle a rock - not much changed except Muhammed renamed the practice

    I remember the biggest line of BS they usually try to tell non-Muslims is about the two seas and how sweet and salty water don't mix -- they do. It's called brakish water but where they meet, sometimes it's like you can see milk in coffee before it gets mixed in so it's an illusion.

    If their countries were so great, why are people fleeing them to live in Christian countries? If they are so scientfic why havent they had an invention in over 700 years and produce the least Nobel prizes - all tech is imported?

    most of their inventions were done by dhimmis or stuff stolen from them - like Hindus invented zero, Abbysibian monks invented coffee etc.
    they lie a lot, like right now they are lying that Native Americans were muslims who spoke Arabic.

    Seriously, I hated the "no book could ever be written as great" -- well, um yeah it was plagerized from the Bible and other stories so obviously they could be written before. Some "koran" fragments found predate Muhammed so obviously copied. No orginal unaltered Koran exists either -- Uthman burned them all.

    Are Muslims good people -- yeah, there are many but so what? John Rabe and Oskar Schindler were good men - didn't make Nazism a good ideology.

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