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  • @how-to-make-a But for me, it's not a question of who made God. Because God is the beginning of all. And the universe existed because God created it as on Genesis 1:1, "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth." And only One can able to do that supernatural things and that is God.

  • @totenkopf hahaha awesome reply 😄

    how to is out of his mind lol! he is wrong path

  • @how-to-make-a I'm explaining pretty much in all of my answers to you , but the problem is that no matter how good my arguments are and how much evidence I have you are still gonna deflect everything I say and twist it in a way that you see fit , in other words people that are under your level of indoctrination have a filter in their mind that filters all evidence I say and negates all but the things that fit your agenda...

  • @how-to-make-a Well, it is my belief that the universe was not just always around and it was created by God. And my argument is not invalid as well as yours because I know people have their different views and beliefs. It seems like you are doubting on why I believe in what's written on the Bible because you might say that it is also just written by "humans". And therefore, believing the Bible is just like believing the existence of Zeus, FSM etc? But for me, the Bible is the best and it is the Word of God. It is clear that there is human involvement, but they were guided so as to write what God wanted. And it's evident that even archeology confirms the Bible's accuracy, eg places, people, festivals. And also, no, I am not stupid. I just have the freedom of saying my opinions and beliefs. So are you. We just differ on what we believe but that's not mean I'm stupid already.

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    1st Truth can be defined as "fact or belief that is accepted or true" or "which is in accordance with fact or reality." Which opinion is synonymous to "belief. And somehow, there is opinion based on facts or evidence like how a doctor tells you that you have a cancer after he performed tests on you. But still, I agree that truth is not a matter of opinion, because truth is what's about there, no matter what any agent believes.

    2nd This is going to be long.
    • That is not sexism. Wives to submit to their husbands does not make men to be superior given that they have the authority of the marriage relationship. That is to maintain order. And there's just different role placed for women and that's bearing children and managing them and the households. Also accompanying the command for the wives' submission is the command to love his wife.

    • Bible records the practice of slavery, but that's not a natural condition. The Scripture regulates the practice of slavery. God rescue of his people out of it known as the Exodus. Also, the Bible provided masters not to mistreat their slaves and treat them justly and fairly.
    "Masters, do the same to them and stop your threatening, knowing that He who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no partiality with Him." - Ephesians 6:9
    It means even one does have superior status, but before God, the masters and slaves are equal for He is the true Master.

    • Yes, God clearly command not to engage in homosexual behavior. Bible teaches honor, dignity and value of two sexes which is male and female as created in God's image. Making homosexuality as biblically immoral and a sin even supposed that you will say it is genetics, and one can't deny how he/she's created. Sin separates people from God and that's a bad news for everyone not just the LGBT since " for all have sinned and fall short of glory of God and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came from Jesus Christ." - Romans 3:24 What's wonderful is God is forgiving.

    • God never accepted/ delighted in human sacrifice. God never intended to allow Abraham to kill his son. Also it was Jephtah who made vow to God, and keep his word. But Judges suggest that her daughter wasn't killed and remained a virgin for the rest of her life.

    • God is compassionate, gracious and slow to anger. The judgments in the Old Testaments are for recognition of sins. Judgment were preceded by warnings and long periods of exposure to the truth and time to repent like for hundreds of years. He does so justly to destroy cities for they are "wicked" and spare the righteous eg Noah, Lot. But for the wages of sin is death and all fall short of glory of God then all of us are sinners therefore we deserve to die. And in the New Testament, Jesus did not offer a new interpretation of righteousness. God is just in condemning unrighteous but is also just in saving sinners. John 3:16 God poured out full measure of His righteous wrath upon His Son on the cross. Jesus Christ paid the full price suffering in our place so that sins are forgiven for those who believe in Him. Yes, Bible contains stories of sin, evil and death but it also includes grand story of love, redemption and grace.

  • @how-to-make-a I'm not going to discuss about animals nature since human is the most important that God creates. We are something different from animals because we can comprehend things that they cant.

    I'm not saying that being gays are unnatural or natural either. Scientically or psychologically. And I am not saying to condemn or judge them for being like that. Biblically, it's a sin. And suppose that God created you for being that way, and you have no choice for that, but you have a choice to know God. And if you know God and obey Him, you will let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. And then you will know what God wants you to do. -Romans 12:2

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