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    Are Religions And Aliens Are Actually Connected With Each Other?

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    Are Religions And Aliens Are Actually Connected With Each other?

    They are indeed.

    When you start to read the holy texts of the abrahamic religions you notice so many similarities. You notice the evolution of the morality of the society as time passed. You notice that the texts are saying the same thing, and even when they differ it's just in practices.

    But here you'll also notice that these religion asks you to submit before the strong(god). Now who god is, that's a theory for another time. But for now, it seems like humans are, through abrahamic religions, conditioned to submit to a higher being.

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    @Div indeed, as I know every basis of abrahamic religions, it seems likes human were being exprimented from being less violent to being more violent
    Just as an example, the jews was the first abrahamic religion that teaches you can believe whatever God you want as long as you don't mock God.
    And then, came the christians where they said to love all human beings and creatures but only through Jesus Christ they can enter through the pearly gates
    And lastly the muslims, where morality is only known through Islam and whoever try to insult the truth of Islamic law might be punish or even be sentence to death.

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