Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • Yes and no.
    I believe Islam is a dangerous religion.
    Let me do my explanation.
    The overall biggest threat to the average European is a muslim.
    I won't go into the history of Islam, even if I can use it as an argument. But it's irrelevant.
    It doesn't affect us in our daily lives.

    Islamic extremists are the only form of dangerous terrorism around the world on this very day.
    The percentage of overall terrorist is quite low if you look at the percentages of Muslims globally.
    Then you bring in the statistics of Sharia supporters and how the average muslim is.
    If I hear a bomb exploded in my country, I know the man that did it was representing Islam.
    Even if the average muslim doesn't support Sharia or terrorism.
    He thinks he's made out of glass.

    What I mean with this is that the average muslim doesn't tolerate critizism.
    Offending their prophet will make them violent.
    Meanwile you can critize most Christians, atheists, Shinto practicers, etc. They are more likely to have a fair discussion instead of saying "Ayeree fee wij imaak" or beat you up.

    Islam hasn't developed itself in modernday society.
    This religion should stay in North-Africa and Middle-East or go through a quick chance.

    The only other group really killing people are communists and the government of certain countries like the US.
    Islam is not a peaceful religon. What it claims to be is false, seeing what it does in practice. This is the same as with feminism.

  • @hauptsturmführer most of what u stated above was true, but isn't that more of just the peoples deeds, how can you blame the religion?
    it is the followers(some of them, as it would be unfair to generalize) that cannot take the criticism and tend to get violent.
    The religion in itself is a very ambiguous subject and has been interpreted in a million different ways, it is the misleading interpretation of some that has caused terrorism and not the religion itself.
    most of this has been taken up by the 'followers' of islam (sharia, intolerance etc.)
    not all muslims are as violent as u have described, generalizing and labelling all muslims on the basis of the behaviour of some of them is simply absurd.

  • This is the most stupidest question in the world.
    Yup. Islam is a religion of terrorist. I served 15 years in the U.S. Armed Forces and I became a Muslim. Yea sure its a religion of terrorism.

    How stupid are people. Forgive me. I should use the word ignorant. Maybe I was a little harsh. If your going to post something provide evidence. Not just, yeah its in the Quran.

    Or maybe I can provide some assistance:

    1. Did you go to a mosque or your local mosque and talk to other Muslims?
    2. Did you talk to the Imam in the Mosque?
    3. Did you talk to a religious Scholar?
    4. Or call 1-877-whyislam

    Notice these are not Internet sources. All I'm saying is stop being lazy, turn off the computer. Put your hand in your pocket and pull out the keys and drive or walk (youngsters) to your local mosque. Sound easy, good. Okay lets get started. Lets gain some knowledge. Lets stop being lazy and stop following these ridiculous ideologies or these Islamic phobia retards. Thank you.
    Oh, and if you use the sources I provided. I'm not sorry. They will not tell you what you want to hear and you know what I mean.


    Ali Talib

  • @hauptsturmführer

    Where in my paragraph did I swear? Oh, yes your right I do hate. I hate ignorance and I'm hoping you feel the same or do you love ignorance. Making assumptions? I provided a source of valuable information in my reply. All you have to do is call the 1-877 # or go to your local mosque. Experience with Muslims who.? Have you been to Iraq, Afghanistan, UAE, South Korea, Qatar, or Texas. I stated Texas because we have the majority of muslims and Mosques in Texas U.S. Did you talk to the Imam or just some random guy on the street who says or you said they represents Islam?

    Look if you want know about the religion don't judge the people. People in nature we are not perfect. Go to the source the Quran and asked educated people in the religion questions about what your reading. Don't go with what you think it means. We have people with degrees and years of knowledge. This is their job. So use them please. Thank you again.


    Ali Talib

  • @ali-talib Your entire argument is completely based on the theoretical stuff.
    Your behaviour is exactly what is wrong with islam.

    Just pure hatred and no actual discussion.
    You repeat I'm ignorant, yet I live in a school where 90% is Muslim.
    I've been dealing with Muslims all my life.
    I've been in a Mosque, thank you very much.

    Yes, not all people are perfect.
    Yet, do you see christians cutting the throats on journalists?

    I've been in all over Europe except some Eastern European nations, I've been to Turkey, Thailand.
    You make assumptions hoping I severly lack experience. But you couldn't be more wrong on that aspect.

    You act like I want Islam to be purged. No I want the Muslims too look at themself and make an end to the cancer in their religion, ISIS, Taliban, Boko Haram.

    You completely ignore the people on your side doing harm to others, all you do is play the victim.

  • @hauptsturmführer
    This will be my last post on this topic. I don't know why I posted I should of listened to my inner voice because people don't listen. We are living in world were people like to label including myself. I'm still learning not to do this. Once we label an individual the receiver is no longer listening he is going with his/her own idea or image received either through television, experience, or books on what he/she perceives is the correct image. The mind is now distorted it is not free until it can figure out how to free it self. We are prisoners from with in.

  • @how-to-make-a Good for you.

  • @hauptsturmführer fuck you and fuck god

  • @hauptsturmführer I respect your opinion.

  • @sarah "how to is a retarted and deviated ex Muslim, some non Muslim terrosit have brain washed his mind" amazing follow-up to my last comment (Read the last part where i express how the people on this topic prefer to attack my character than what I'm actually saying)
    P.S. 'terrosit', 'retarted', 2 mistakes in a 3 line comment and you're calling me retarded

  • @how-to-make-a "but do you respect MY opinion which can be true? Or are you just going to say that you respect his opinion because you agree with it"
    I'm sorry what was your opinion again? wait a sec let's scroll down, yep, found it!
    "fuck you and fuck religion"
    I ask out of genuine confusion, what's there to respect?

  • @how-to-make-a cool, I respect your opinion.
    it was actually quite informative, those are the kind of comments we need, not ones just saying 'fuck you fuck religion', hope you understand.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @how-to-make-a
    yeah, I understand.

  • Yee probably

  • @how-to-make-a i respect that... I was a combat signaler from the Singapore Armed Forces, Unit 23 SA (Singapore Artillery), served 5 years in Afghan and 5 in East Timor under UN Peace keeping... 1st Sgt by rank got discharged due to an accident to my back..

  • no no i don't think so i am indian but all are not alike

  • No religion in the world contains only terrorists or only priests. Every religion in the world has their own flaws and good points. The actions of a few cannot be used to define all. And most importantly terrorists don't have any religion, because the last time that I checked bloodshed wasn't the integral part of any existing religion.

  • @how-to-make-a yeah i dont take shit at all... I have major anger management and i control it by reading and researching on anything and everything... So if im being nice and respect your opinion means my therapy is working... Believe what you want and say what you want... Does't bother me... Im just sharing what I have researched and read... For a soldier to not hate muslim even after being in war zone area and seeing comrades getting shot by muslims that says alot....

  • @how-to-make-a stop banking on the fact you are ex muslim and state that YOUR facts is BENEFICIAL fact..

    Everyone else who reads this, do some research and read up on the history of islam and the translated english version of the quran... This coming from a soldier from christian faith...

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