Do you think ISLAM is a religion of terrorism ?

  • @how-to-make-a Because any opinion and POV is respected whether it is good or bad... Everyone is entitled to it... Hitchens the idiot that wrote critiques about Mother Theresa calling her a fraud and fanatic... Comparing me to Hitchens is like comparing me to turd... I have friends that do not believe in Religion and does not agree with how religion is... But they respect the writings that come out of the Bible, Quran, Baghavad Gita etc... I do not agree with what you said and nothing you say will change a strong minded person like me... Like I said I have seen what goes on in Islam and what goes on in war torn area, till you see the beauty of it in the worst situation, you will always be naysayer...

  • @rosalie925 Read more of this topic and you'll change your mind and if you want to save time just read my comments, I'm an ex-muslim and you'd probably learn a lot of new things. I'm sorry that I'm just telling you to read my last comments with useful information instead of responding with that information to you, I'm not doing that because i already copy pasted the same comments around 9-11 times so it's getting repetitive. Thank you

  • @luvthyyneighbor Hey man, I am a Christian too, but you need to know that the "God" Islam worships is not the same us, Believers, worship.

  • @how-to-make-a Christianity is not ridiculous, let's have a debate, hmu on the chats or we can do it publicly it don't matter to me

  • Islam has a 15-20% of radicals that are pretty hostile to America, and Islam has over 1 billion Muslims and 15-20% of that is almost equivalent to America's total population, and so that is enough for me to rethink about whether or not Islam is a religion of terrorism. It does teach to kill, but people don't want to believe their own truth, so they say made up thin like "religion of peace".

  • @rosalie925 I 100% agree with you, 🙂

  • NO Islam is the religion of peace.
    people use islam for terorrism

  • @luvthyyneighbor I'm going to message you later to make you an atheist by showing you how ridiculous Christianity is. But before that i just want to know what kind of Christian you are, Catholic, protestent...

  • I think mostly all religions are guilty of doing some bad things in the name of religion including those who profess to be Christians. In fact this was mentioned in the Bible Book of Revelation 18:24

    24 Yes, in her was found the blood of prophets and of holy ones+ and of all those who have been slaughtered on the earth.”

    Now noticed i said most religions the reason i said that because there is a religion that pratices the two greatest Commandments which is number one love for God and two love for neighbor so in other words they refuse to fight against tgeir fellow humans even if this means persecution or jail.

    If you would like to know more about this or other important questions about life please visited

  • @raghava-dinesh go through this topic amd read more replies and also read my comments and maybe you'll change your opinion

  • @kendrobeast i already shared a lpt of facts, and i already copy and pasted the same comments for about 8 times through this topic so i just tell people to read what's on this topic more and try to see how fucked up the situation is. And i would've expected you to become like Christopher Hitchens after you've seen the evils that religion causes. Why tf do you continue saying that you respect my opinion if it seems to me that you haven't even read it, I'm telling other people to go through this topic and read more and i suggest that you do the same, i don't care if you respect my opinion but i care if you agree.

  • i dont think so but people of Islam making Islam is a religion of terrorism

  • @how-to-make-a stop banking on the fact you are ex muslim and state that YOUR facts is BENEFICIAL fact..

    Everyone else who reads this, do some research and read up on the history of islam and the translated english version of the quran... This coming from a soldier from christian faith...

  • @how-to-make-a yeah i dont take shit at all... I have major anger management and i control it by reading and researching on anything and everything... So if im being nice and respect your opinion means my therapy is working... Believe what you want and say what you want... Does't bother me... Im just sharing what I have researched and read... For a soldier to not hate muslim even after being in war zone area and seeing comrades getting shot by muslims that says alot....

  • @jack_summers can you read my comments plz

  • @kangyb Really. As an ex-muslim i find it hard to believe that. Because if a verse clearly instructs something horrible then the interpretations shouldn't matter, the majority will agree on what it means

  • Only one word : INTERPRETATION.
    Everything is about the interpretation of texts and writings.

  • No religion in the world contains only terrorists or only priests. Every religion in the world has their own flaws and good points. The actions of a few cannot be used to define all. And most importantly terrorists don't have any religion, because the last time that I checked bloodshed wasn't the integral part of any existing religion.

  • @kancha-cheena i think you'd benefit a lot from reading everything on this topic, specifically my comments

  • no no i don't think so i am indian but all are not alike


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