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  • I have 0-1 friends, don't have a girlfriend, studied well, couldn't find a decent place and kind of work, always reading 2-3 books in the same time, like to juggle with terms, true meaning of which I dont understand, dont capable of simple chatting, prefering pompous verbiage to it ... Earlier I thought that I am an introvert with social anxiety...
    But, most likely, I'm just a loser!

  • @girlgamer23

    I've always been shuned regarding my looks thus making that social anxiety grow on me, sadly it's so ingrained in me that even after I know that I look good, I still feel it...

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    i'm an introvert, and i've had social anxiety all my life. i used to worry a lot about not acting like a normal person in social situations, but over time i've come to accept the fact that i'm going to be like this for the rest of my life. i think that it's possible to be a shy introvert AND live a fulfilling life tho, you just have to be aware of your low social energy & push yourself out of your comfort zone every now and then :)

  • @sarah_the_magpie Sounds like you have a very good outlook on your "condition" and are not only surviving, but also thriving. Good taste in music, too, so seems you're doing alright

  • @Lurker I feel for you, really. Things like that can stay with you, a long time, but every new day is another further from that past. Remember

  • @rip80sa1 Hopefully that will turn around. And soon

  • @Lazz

    That's true and I keep trying to strive and become a better version of myself but what's simple for someone can be a huge step for someone like me.

  • @Lurker Understood. May your tomorrow, then, be better than your today

  • @Redbiler Each of us has purpose, each of us our own unique skills and abilities. Each has as much to offer as the one next to us. Your skills are needed, and special. Find the advantage in that. If everyone was the same, would we then all be winners, or all of us losers? Something to ponder

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    wow, you're really observant :D all i can say in my defence is that everything i post online is unfiltered, so i might seem "very outspoken" (the fact that you think that is surprising, that's the last word people irl would use to describe me lol)

    it's like wearing a mask, you know? online, i can be as opinionated or talkative as i want to be. it's sort of liberating, because i can be me. the real me~.
    however, in real life? yeah, um.... i can't do any of those things, i literally don't know how. i'm an incredibly timid person and i hate it.

    but you have a good point, i've become a bit of an annoying nuisance. i'm going to shush myself and act more mature :)

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    @sarah_the_magpie haha same with me tbh, online insane and offline insane are kinda different ppl, glad I'm not alone in that, I'm so much quieter irl, but still music obsessed

  • @girlgamer23 I'm reasonably introverted. No issues with social anxiety though, just general anxiety. Are you in need of help, support, advice, or just asking?

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    @girlgamer23 getting worse, not better

  • ♡ soul searchers ♡ Music Lovers

    @Lazz yeah, just need to get some kind of new interest to explore really. What I'm doing now is all solo stuff. Something will pop up that will require outside to be involved sooner or later, in never stagnate for too long

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    @girlgamer23 we are alone in our minds, yes. Reaching out is hard, yes. One Big goal or a bunch of little goals? How can you be shunned for your looks.......personally i am not Tom Sellik or Bob Hope, i don't sing "old town road" or make more than $1,000 U.S. a month. Yet people only see the lad limping with a cane...not the "* Wonder in words, nor the image of mind i bring...do i matter do i exist...why is it hard to teach a fish to climb a tree? * Are these things petty, yes. But i'd rather come here and be mocked than TRY dating and the outrageous "three piece suit and a Porche" ideal women hold me to!

  • Me but I just don’t care any more.People are going to talk and make fun ,so what.?????

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    Don't build walls around yourself. Let what you have to offer tear other's walls down.

    it's a good suggestion! however, if you're a very shy person, it's not an easy thing to do :D building walls around yourself feels good~! it isolates you from the outside world, makes you feel safe & comfortable. i know it's not healthy behavior, but it's a coping mechanism nonetheless.
    i mean, christ, i don't even know how many layers of walls i've built around myself lmao

  • @sarah_the_magpie I never really understood shyness, so it's hard to imagine, but I do sympathize with anyone who feels badly about themselves, for being the way they are. If a person is "shy" or "introverted" and is OK with that, then no reason to want to change. But if someone feels something is wrong, or feels badly about how they are, then a change may be a healthy option.

  • @sarah_the_magpie said in Who else is an introvert and socially anxious?:

    i mean, christ, i don't even know how many layers of walls i've built around myself lmao

    Hmmm...this coming from the very outspoken, wildly opinionated person, who claims to want to go around without pants, and socks. Curiouser and curiouser. I'd never have guessed you to be shy.

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