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    Don't you guys think that all those trendy designer handbags are ridiculously overpriced? I am not broke but when I look at those prices, I don't really understand why on Earth people waste that much money on a simple accessory, even though its quality is really good.

  • As a bloke, forever en thrall to poncey watches and leather jackets, I think it would be THE HEIGHT of hypocrisy me to criticize the lasses in their pursuit of the perfect handbag. For all we know they might have the magical properties of Felix the Cat's ruc sac, or Harpo Marx' coat, wherein they're bigger on the inside than the outside and contain UNKNOWN WONDERS.

  • @Hoon-Wey I've just read that Vera Bradley stores will soon be going out of business. High price for some cheap cloth "purse" with all the colors. More like a bag a little kid would keep crayons in. IMO

  • @Hoon-Wey I never understood it myself but I don't like carrying a purse. I rather spend my money on things more useful. But everyone has their things so I don't judge. 😊

  • first of all, those purses are bulky and ugly. throw them in the fire... I dislike purses altogether but I'm a woman.. now that I'm older, I do have use for one. anyway.. I like a brand called lux de ville.. the typical purse is about $100.. and even that is too much for a purse.. (IMHO). I work for my money and I have no problem spending it.. I just rather spend it on other things..