• Contrary to popular belief First United States President George Washington DID NOT have wooden dentures. That was just a popular historic myth. In reality, the various sets of dentures owned, and worn by General Washington were made of metal, and the teeth were made of carved bone, shaped pebbles/stones, and even others real teeth! But no wood

  • Yeah I always found the other people's teeth thing on the disturbing side of gross

  • @rip80sa1 Same could be said for a lot of true history, but make one wonder what folks a couple hundred years from now will think about some of what's current to us, eh?

  • @Lazz do yourself a favour and dig up an encyclopaedia from the 50s or a book about space from the 70s, it's laughable. The amount that's been improved or totally disproven and a completely new theroy has taken place is hilarious.

    I'm a science Guy, I read a lot about the various fields but even though it's definitely right at the moment, you can bet in 100 years half of it will be completely wrong

  • @rip80sa1 Don't have to dig much. I started on'50s/'60s encyclopedias, as a kid, since that's what my family had on the shelves, so there was a LOT I had to re-learn later on in high school and such. Even the old Time-Life book series' if you remember those, had some cool pics, but some hobbled together (mis)information. Often, what we were taught in school was also not accurate, but was spoon-fed us as"glorified history" in place of ACTUAL historic facts. I called out a bunch of teachers on that!

  • @Lazz I drilled my science teacher on astronomy in year 9 because I had just visited the parks radio telescope in NSW a month before astronomy came up in class, I was into it anyway but his info was a solid 10 years out if date, it was around then I kinda stopped listening at school all together because I realised the teachers knew nothing, they just repeated what was in front of them in the text books

    This is a current favourite site of mine, it covers a lot of science, as well as conspiracies and cryptozoology and other stupid shit, it's a good read, the forums are solid, some dudes and chicks in there know their shit.

  • @rip80sa1 Textbooks were always at least as out-of-date as the teachers. School was a drag. I learned more, going to the Public Library and researching interests on my own. So I can somewhat relate.

  • @Lazz yep, honestly it's only the last 10 years I really learnt anything at all, after I stopped being a full blown nonstop alcoholic I started reading lmao, (last 5 especially) like I learnt bits here n there before but I got a lot more thinking time now days. I do miss breakfast beer or my triple scotch n coke before I leave the house to go to work though, mmmmmmm jack 😋

  • @rip80sa1 Awesome, just stay off that slippery slope. Sounds like you've got a handle on it, though, keep on keeping on, as the saying goes.

  • @Lazz yeah, I can't drink, there's no just 1 or 2 quiet ones, it's buy a bottle of scotch, drink it in 2 hrs, black out, wake up feeling shit regretting everything
    that happened while I was black out drunk as it's either pointed out to me or I stumble across it. If I do, I have 1 or 2 at the pub or an event and leave, resisting the killer urge to buy more.
    Alcohol is the worst fucking drug I've ever used, and ive tried/used most

  • @rip80sa1 No doubt. We have this saying here: It's only fun until someone gets hurt. That's generally applied to kids, by moms, but it crosses over smoothly into adulthood