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    Anyone out there married for a long time but have always been lonely? My husband has his business and hobbies and I feel like I don’t exist. I’m introverted but I hate having no one to talk to. I love to laugh and have deep conversations but I have no one to do that with. Plus everyone has kids and I don’t. I just feel left out of life.

  • @Zelda99 I was. My partner started an affair only a few weeks after our ceremony; soon afterwards she separated from me to be with him but when it fell through she blamed MH issues and I thought I was doing the right/supportive/understanding thing by taking her back. Only she had changed drastically and so began years of isolation, control and abuse. I'm not suggesting it is the same as your situation, but I do know what it is like to have no social interaction (even with work colleagues) after she cut me off from my friends. It's not a good way to live, and I'm glad to have escaped from that life.

  • @Zelda99 Don't be sorry, we all need to vent and rant, at times. You should see the rant I posted earlier, about how things have gotten so oversexed here these days. Honestly, I don't think my situation is quite like yours, but I still do feel for you. A suggestion: how about writing? You are great with words, and how to use them to paint quite clear mental images. Blogs, forums, anything. I think you'd do great getting your words OUT THERE. One thing about the internet, it opens a lot of doors, for someone who can use their words. Yours convey passion, disappointments, hopes, FEELINGS, and that's a powerful tool to wield. Pen may no longer be mightier than the sword, but your keyboard just might be. Just a thought. Best to you, always! ~Lazz

  • @Zelda99 You have absolutely NOTHING to apologise for. Nobody has to listen if they don't want to, and I think most people would understand your frustration.

    I genuinely feel for you and hope you find the connection/s you deserve very soon.

  • @Matt_Aranha Well said, Matt. Good on ya! ~Lazz

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    @Lazz Thank you for your kind and encouraging words. I hope you are able to go back to work soon and get back to a more rewarding way of life for yourself.
    All the best,

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  • I'm not married but that's a big thing why I'm not eager to marry. Relationships are tough, have to always communicate and compromise or one person will feel like an outcast. Why did you two get married there must have been something that connected you? Try to find people in places you like to go to and have something in common to talk about.

  • @Zelda99 ***I know what you're feeling, I'm going through similar, myself. I had some medical issues took me off work, so I putter around the house. I'm not 100% so can't really do a lot, and like you, no real good friends nearby, and really no-one to talk to or that I'd WANT to talk to, like the neighbors. Once in a while a good conversation is to be had, here, but have to go through a lot of nutjobs and weirdos and perverts (guys AND gals) to find ONE actual conversationalist. I feel for you. ***

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    Yeah, I was hoping to find some conversation here but like you said it’s a bunch of perverts for the most part. My husband and I got married too young. I was 20 but had never dated because I came from a very strict religious sect that didn’t allow casual dating. So within 2 weeks of dating (with chaperones) he kept hinting at marriage. I really did like him but wasnt really my type at all. I’m tall he’s short, I love to think and talk about deep things, he likes cars and trains and is resentful that I don’t care about his hobbies. I go to car shows and model railroad shows and I hate it. I want to cook a great meal, go for a walk or a bike ride, have a group game night, go to concerts and travel. But I gave up having a career, a family, and a life of my own when I married him. Anyway, married 24 yrs last week (after only 8 months of dating) and his idea of fun was driving me 2 hrs away to go test drive an old corvette. Of which we don’t even have the money to buy. He never plans anything for my birthday’s and doesn’t have a clue what I like or am interested in. I miss talking to someone who actually want to engage with me, who cares about what I think and feel. Who doesn’t think I’m just an overly emotional woman who just wants to complain. I mean I gave up everything to make this marriage last. But he does nothing. I hate my life but I love him and don’t know how to be anything else. Sorry just had to vent.

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    @BoredomKills Appreciate the thoughts but it takes two and he doesn’t want to be bothered. It’s all about his happiness.

  • Dont tell this here be mature and tell it to your hubby .. sympathy seeking is not gonno make you happy accept it

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    @Sybaritee Over 24 yrs you don’t think I’ve told him? It’s a constant source of arguments. But at some point you get sick of the fighting. And it’s always turned back on me.

  • @Zelda99 Thanks right back, Zelda. I hope you will find some meaningful resolution to your home life, marriage, and all. Or at the very least, some peace

  • You need a sweet girl friend i would say guy but that will be not good for uhr marriages i guess ✌🏼

  • @Zelda99 I am so sorry and feel bad for you but if you want to talk I'm here

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    @Zelda99 looks like you picked the wrong man but that's your problem 🤗

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