Why do some people think being part of the LGBTQ+ community is wrong?

  • I don't understand why people think that other people being them self is wrong.

  • I know the dilemma hun, I'm both no and trans so my parents are far from ecstatic

  • @RedHeadedDevil Brainwashing, wanting to feel "better" than other people so looking for any reason (however ridiculous) to bully and belittle, pack mentality, fear of what they don't understand, fear of themselves, because they're wankers who don't need any other reason, misplaced sense of morality, self-righteousness, lack of education.......

  • True @Matt_Aranha has it right. If your parents are over 50 years old, they were teens in the 1960 or so. Here in the North American, we had three, possibly four different BIG changes going on. (1) Death of John F. Kennedy. ....the economy had started to heal from 20 years ago of WW 2 under his help, the Cuban Missile Crisis was a few years back. (2)The protest to gain civil rights was now happening for Gay Rights and would not settle for 30+ years (3) Vietnam. (4) Apollo 8 to the moon.

    Each of these things happening during your parent's teen years made a huge mess and probably locked your mom and dad's ideas on "What was Right , what was Wrong ". And yes, an enemy hates you for what Their idea of Right......and will refuse, refuse to hear or see you as human and/or have any Rights.

  • Because it threatens the survival of their heterosexual identity, and they fear becoming obsolete. So they outwardly project their fears through homophobic/transphobic behaviours etc

  • this is easy for me to answer. First let me make it clear that people who hold up signs saying God hates queers, and you're going to hell are clearly not representing Jesus truly! Although i know in my heart God hates sin (not us). Some people want to be some kind of Hero of vengeance, because the Idols they blend with their Christian faith encourage them to use the old Testament as an excuse to enforce their agendas. Anyway as for me I have no right to judge anyone as I am a sinner, and it is written Judge not lest you be Judged, but I think I can say like if I were to throw some kind of a Jesus parade or something I'll be far less supported, even though people are all good with LGBTQ and everyone better be or you are some kind of a monster. I should have the freedom to have my Jesus parade in the streets with the same encouragement, or better for those who believe in him. Regardless of these things though in the end I believe there is something terribly wrong with the new generation. We all make mistakes etc, but honestly there is no more discretion. I really wanted to believe in a sacred kind of commitment, but now we are just supposed to watch everyone expose their bodies, and shout about their sexuality? No regard for the children, and terrible representation to the youth. We are of flesh. Here's one I hear all of the time is "I was born this way" and my answer is yes we are all born of the flesh, and all of its flames, burdens, and temptations. We are all faced with the same demons. We are supposed love each other, and have time for one another, and forgive each other yes, but if I can't tell people that this sexual madness of the world is wrong, then I need to go live in the woods or some shit