Why are most people attracted to butts?

  • Soul Searchers

    Butts are disgusting, and even though I confess I myself am attracted to a curvy backside I don't understand our disease especially in these times. It's not just men, but females are into the whole thing too. Asses are taking over the planet, and everyone is just shaking it like it's all good. How can no one see how we are becoming more like Sodom, and Gomorrah everyday, and why is no one ashamed? Is it bad to be attracted to a big booty? How does one escape this ridiculousness lmao!? It's actually not really all that funny. I mean perishing because of asses is just embarrassing. Please everyone put it away your killing us. It's silent, but deadly haha, but 4 real it's a little funny, but seriously squeeek 👃 😆

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