• what's your take on abortion?
    do you support the idea or are you against it?

  • I'm not sure really. There are good arguments for both sides

  • @harveylake said in ABORTION-necessity or a social evil?:

    what's your take on abortion?
    do you support the idea or are you against it?

    I'm against this idea. I am a woman and I will never ever kill an infant for whatever reasons will it be. I can't even kill a plant, what more an infant. My conscience is stronger than anything bad.. if you will set me to a situation where I should have to kill it, I will still choose to discard.

  • @harveylake Not as a means of after-the-fact birth control, but otherwise yes I support it in the early weeks (or later where there is unacceptable health risk to the mother). Bodily autonomy is something I'm rather passionate about.

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  • @cjko i am against abortion, it was a joke.

  • @harveylake I am also against joking about killing babies

  • @cjko i'm really sorry, i didn't mean to offend, i won't repeat it again.

  • @harveylake better choose appropriate jokes next time!

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  • Most importantly, I think people should think their opinions through properly, especially with life and death decisions, no matter if it's about animals or people.

    For example there are vegans out there, who seem to have no trouble with an abortion or the pill after, but scream at you for eating (and killing) animals. It just makes no sense.

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  • @harveylake i do! I support abortion

  • A woman's right to choose is probably the gold standard moral compass --mistakes might happen, one-in-thousand women might be fickle or stupid, but what other choice have we got but to trust them? I had a good friend who was in two minds about whether or not to have an abortion, @harveylake. The thing is, even if you think the whole affair isn't eating them up inside, it really is.

    Beyond all the stock answers? I'd say this: my earliest memory is being in the crib. At a push, I used to have those Jungian archetypal dreams about crawling through a narrow cave -- which was probably a collective evolutionary memory of being born. But it's a bit far fetched (in my conception) to suppose abortion-age kids have much of a consciousness. I could be wrong. All the same, I do have vague sympathy for the anti-abortion lobby, because it's all about mind-bending sentimentality, isn't it? It's like those sci-fi stories where a group of people go back in time to try and change some horrible future, and one of them says, "You do realise that if we pull this off we'll never have existed?", and there's a funny kind of 'wow' moment. They see some sanctity in just just the raw idea of life, which more than a lot of people do.

  • I think we define the right or wrong for ourself. Though one can debate that morally it is incorrect to abort a child.
    but there can be various scenarios where the couple do not want or can't afford (financially, mentally) to have a child...
    So basically, to me, if the decision to abort is mutual and well thought of, it should be respected and accepted.

  • I am against it. I am a man that can't have kids due to low sperm count. I went out with a girl who was six months pregnant. And one day she just went in and got rid of it.

  • Ohhhh! I love incendiary topics.

    I'm about to make any reader actually THINK.

    Some say human life begins at conception.
    In this vial I have an egg.
    In this vial I have a few million sperm.
    I mix them together, give it a little shake, and the egg is fertilized.
    It's splitting into a zygote, it's ready to attach to a womb, and it would likely develop into a baby.
    Drinks the vial
    Did I just comit cannibalism?

    Some people say they want smaller government.
    Then the same people pass so many laws that even your crackhead wife's abortion requires carbon copy notorized triplicate forms, unnecessary pelvic exam, listening to heartbeats, three counseling sessions with prayers included, a signed affidavit by the unknown father that she met at a bar one night, and, oh, sorry, that took too long. Abortion and to be done yesterday during the first 6 weeks of pregnancy. We will now arrest you for giving birth to a crack baby. A lot of laws they love. But "big government is bad".

    Some people say they are completely against abortion. And then they or their sister becomes pregnant but the embryo attached inside the fallopian tube instead of the uterus. If it is not removed then mother and fetus would both die.

    Some say that they are against abortion except in cases of rape and incest .... Apparently, if your dad is your grandpa then you don't count as a baby. The world already blames you before you're even born.

    Some say that abortion should be between a woman and her doctor. Apparently the doctor arrested in Arizona for sexually assaulting his paitents proves that doctors are unbiased. Or the doctors that will prescribe medical marijuana to anyone for a fee always have their paitents' best interest at heart. And it's irrelevant if the woman is a crackhead that is convinced satain got her pregnant while she was zonked out of her mind in solitary confinement.

    Some say abortion should not be used as birth control.
    Others say birth control is abortion.

    Some say a featus is a human baby when it develops a heartbeat at about 5 weeks. Apparently can be as small as a sesame seed and you do not need ears, eyes, nose, or even a brain (all of which BEGIN to develop at the 6th week) to be a human. Most women do not even discover they are pregnant until they are atleast in the sixth week.

    Ironically, the people that pass the highly restrictive "Pro-Life" laws to "protect children" tend to be the same people that agree with Trump's actions of taking children away from parents at the Mexican boarder, want to take welfare and food stamps away from families, and feel that children born in the US with non-citizen parents aren't really children but "Anchor Babies". Many would even approve of sending delinquent juvenile offenders to prison instead of to juvenile detention "so they learn their lesson"

    Any politician that raises the abortion issue during times where the topic has been quiet, or who sums up their opinion in a simple phrase such as "life begins at conception" or "except in cases of rape and incest" only prove they have no idea what they are talking about.

    There is no simple answer in regards to abortion. It is a grey area as large as the planet.

  • Abortion is horrible under certain circumstances. If you just don’t want the baby even though you willingly fucked then your a selfish price of shit.
    However, if the baby is going to be born with a disease that will make it suffer than it should be humanely put out of its misery. But it’s different If the mother’s life and baby’s life are in danger since it’s kinda hard to pick a side on that one.