@DAD_ said in ABORTION-necessity or a social evil?: @harveylake said in ABORTION-necessity or a social evil?: what's your take on abortion? Selectively applicable. do you support the idea or are you against it? Not everything in this world is, black and white. As humans, we should always strive to find the grey, and develop a consensus on things, rather than taking extreme stands, and disregarding each and any argument. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I was waiting for a moment when I have the time and right state of mind. Are you still traveling through india? What you say is definitely applicable for most things we have to deal with. I mean even the question wether it is wrong to kill a human being clearly is not easy to decide. For example: does a soldier in war do wrong if he kills an enemy? But we have to keep something in our minds; - A newborn cannot speak for itself. The foetus can not advocate for or against its life. So, we have to make the decision for it. The decisions made are most of the time personal, social or economical; Agreed. Hence, the decisions should be made logically, situationally and optimally. Without the influence of feelings. I am pretty sure that only a sociopath would be able to do that :sweat_smile: Because Not being born is better than being a walking corpse. If the party is capable of supporting themselves, and the child, financially, emotionally, and socially. Then, abortion is a heinous murder. I believe that this is what @ScruffyMutt wanted to show: there is something wrong with this argument... If under some conditions it is heineous murder, then the little thing must indeed be a human being. Otherwise how could it be called murder? If however it is a human being, then how is it not murder when it has a bleak future? With the same argument you could advocate for killing the "walking corpse" that wasn't aborted... If one has committed a mistake, then they should own up to it, and raise the child, with full responsibility and care. Absolutely agree. - Prevention is better than cure; Absolutely agree. Wear condoms, because each abortion that takes place, is free advertising for durex. Dont let your hormones, get a hold of your future. Rather than aborting, put the child up for adoption, foster care, Because according to WHO, approximately 48.5 million people, were infertile, and they know the importance of that child more than you. https://www.bionews.org.uk/page_93930 Donate the child to underground secret science facilities for experimentation. : ) Partly agree :joy: