• delete everything i have created here including my account

  • @afgeaaga As a teenage boy with ego small as his you know what, it was great to find someone who seemed to resonate. You were very kind at the start and from then changed to cold hearted, souless demonic self control freak to suicidal then to now. The very small amount I could perceive just shows how much you changed. You really were special in the sense that you had extra sensory relate beliefs society can't understand which i could now sort of be more open minded with. Other than that, you shared very common disease everybody had called being human. Your apathy is exactly what I can empathize with. Thank you and fuck you for making me think harder and mending my heart because those two things are the exact two things we both have that are trying to kill each other.

  • @afgeaaga noooo pls stay

  • Deletion not possible :shrug:. You'll forever belong to TWS muahahaha...

    You'll be missed... Go in peace. And come back whenever you need some mindless fun, some deep conversation or just like to vent those awsome, strangely poetic and scary thoughts you always liked to put in words.

    @brainkaranja it always seemed to me not that she changed, but that she opened up more and more, while at the same time being scared of what was happening closing off and hiding again...

  • @afgeaaga sad u are one of two persons who understand me

  • @afgeaaga


  • @999999999 kara!!how r u?