• Is there such a thing as true love online? What if you guys never even met and fell for each other and still never met? Makes sense? lool.. Anyway, I'm more into friendships here and I'd rather meet the person in real life and know the person more in real life then maybe possibly fall after.. What are your thoughts on this? Just randomness . Thank you!

  • @Sooomeeeh Love, definitely. True love? Well that's trickier. I think it depends on your definition of true love.

    The purest love is that which has no agenda and is given freely. It is given from a place of compassion, through eyes which see the best in the receiver of the beholder's affection. No part of it comes from fear, and if unrequited prompts no jealously or ill-will.

    We are biochemically predisposed to making all manner of intimate connections and there is no reason those connections can't come from those we meet and only have contact with online. We don't need physical presence for the relevant pathways to form. I can hold my hand up and say there are people I've (only ever) met online whom I have loved and cared for very deeply.

    We are in a very new age, in real terms. Meeting new people isn't confined to the methods it was even twenty years ago. When two people are right for each other, they can (and usually will) work to find a way to make things work whatever their circumstances.

    I don't believe that we have "one soul mate" but do believe in a small handful of people who are perfect for us and us them. If we are lucky enough to find each other (these people some call soul mates, these relationships some call true love), the circumstances of meeting don't matter. You have the potential to recognise each other online, if you are sincere, true, and know enough about each other. I think that being able to voice message and Facetime makes that even easier.

    So I've convinced myself that the answer is yes you can, but then I'm a hopelessly optimistic (if also realistic) romantic. All I would advise is, if you should find yourself in that situation, be sure of yourself and take care. Sometimes we can accidentally trick ourselves into seeing and feeling things which are not truly there, especially when they are missing from our lives or we are seeking them out. When the offline world catches up with us it can give quite a shock; self-awareness is crucial.

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    Is there such a thing as true love online?

    Yes. I'm a living proof of that. I've dated and lived with a girl for over a year and all started online.

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    What if you guys never even met and fell for each other and still never met?

    I don't see a reason why you wouldn't meet if you fell for each other. When 2 people want the same, then they will find the drive, time and opportunity to make it happen! :shrug:

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    What are your thoughts on this?

    I would just like to make an enphasis on true love. This one can be really complicated. If you meet online, there is a possibility you live far away which turns everything more complicated cuz you'll be stuck in a LDR... And trust me it's not smart, not good and a pain in the ass. I like to believe love prevails and beats everything but sadly that's not always the true, some ppl have a different way of loving others, some ppl value love in a different way then you do, so It's really complicated for me to find an universal definition of "true love".

  • @Matt_Aranha
    That is a very good insight. I respectfully say this with great admiration. I thoroughly enjoyed reading,(as with corresponding to) you're very insightful response. I as well enjoy responding to philosophical conversations such as this one above. I agree with your insight, because I for one am a Pansexual and I value the soul, instead of the gender.
    True love does have It's moments though. I was with this girl once and I thought that she was in love with me, and i really liked her, but it turned out that she was in love with the idea of loving me ,and didn't really have feelings for me.
    My definition of true love is whether or not you'd stay with them even if they had a highly infectious disease, or if you'd cheat on them while they're at sea, or even if you think about liking somebody else. It's not true love if you don't love yourself. You have to love yourself before you can love somebody else. I feel that it is essential to love to not hide secrets.

  • @Alivia-Lemen Thank you, that's very kind... I'm in a little bit of a rush right now but have a feeling we should talk more about this.

  • @Sooomeeeh thinking

  • I'm guessing by "true love" you mean the romantic kind. I believe that romantic love is required to not just be platonic. If you guys never met, then you would only love the idea you have in your mind of the other person. And there is soooo much about them, that you'll never know. People underestimate how true and important the saying "smell each other" really is. Also, online, even in video chat, you don't properly get most non-verbal communication.

    So, yes, true romantic love can start on the internet, but it can never remain there.

    No, I don't think you can fall for a person you know online, you're falling for an incomplete idea. Maybe you can fall for their character, at least the parts you can see online. But it's not complete, it's not real real. We are human. We are not just mind or spirit. In fact our body is what gives meaning to what we do. Don't underestimate that. So I'd "recommend" falling after you've actually met :joy:... I know we can't control this, we'll still fall anyways... But keep in mind that what you have is not complete...

  • I feel like I have to add something here. Recently I was confronted with the (to me quite strange) experience of a spiritual connection... So... maybe, just maybe... it is possible to recognize a soulmate without having to meet them... to know they are the one / a friend for life...

    However I still believe that for real romantic love, after recognizing, has to come meeting in person...

    And you might want to brace yourself for a disappointment too, because it remains possible that you were mistaken, even if you felt sooooooo sure. It's never easy with these things, and the worst part is, you can only learn from experience. So, don't get yourself in any kind of dangerous situation just because you think you have a spiritual connection with somebody over the internet. Never turn off your head!

  • @PetrAPark3r agree with you

  • @PetrAPark3r You've hit the nail on the head, good lady, better than I could. I've never before heard that one should smell one's partner (in that context!); I completely get it though as I have long said that true intimacy and connection comes from "breathing" one another - one inhales as the other exhales, life flowing between you.

    When I say this to a partner and she looks at me like I'm mad, I know there is an incompatibility on a troubling level.

  • @Matt_Aranha wow! that's really deep. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom

  • @Lurker thanks Miss Lurker! Nice insight and thanks for sharing a bit about your experience as well

  • @PetrAPark3r oh woow! that really hit deep! I'd rather fall after meeting the person in real life too.. Thanks so much!

  • @spacegirl yes I agree as well!

  • @VioletApple hehe I like your words focus on the apple hehe. Think well and hard apple

  • Awwww @Sooomeeeh thank you, I try 😂

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  • @Ruth You're welcome 😊