• I found tws in the beginning of December 2018 late one night when I couldn’t sleep and didn’t feel like reading all night(again). I literally googled bored and want to chat online and then searched for the safer sites as I didn’t want a “date chat site”. Glad I did. I met some fun and really cool people from all over the world and enjoyed talking to them. Some of the first people I met here were Chaos King, BelaHella and Durwin and a long list of others. They kept me company at night when I could not sleep and made me laugh 😂 often. It’s those friends that keep me coming back. I’ve gotten to know some better than others and few are also on other social media avenues with me. The world is a much smaller place now thanks to tws and other social sites. I would never have met any of you otherwise. 💜
    So what brought you here and why do you stay? Or why are you leaving if you plan to.

  • I googled thicc niggas and this came up 😤💕 Glad I met you all ;)

  • Bored. Lonely. The only chat I found via the Android app store that didn't want my phone number.

    I keep coming back because I am great at making bad decisions 😁

  • @toney , are you implying I’m fat? I must admit this vacation has put on about 6 or 8 pounds I think. Oopsie! Diet time when I get home. 🤣🥗🥗🥗🥩🍳 no carbs

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    I googled talk or stranger, I cant remember well but I joined 1st the global chatting, later been addicted to tws, met awesome good friends..I am here to be hella guardian of twsians and a hella warrior for most spammers and PERVsons.. :-)

  • @nightshifter I got what I asked for I guess

  • @nightshifter Grattis, your 1st ever post is so great.. I love the tags hehe.. Keep posting, Muma.. :-)

  • @ScruffyMutt , you come back because we’re awesome. 😂 Glad you’re here though! * scratches you behind your ears and under your chin. *good boi!

  • @Bela-Hella , 😙

  • @nightshifter
    I think I have said how I found this place before 2 times 😂 .. but of course google search bring me here . I stayed here for many reasons when a reason became useless another new reason showed up .. I might leave this but I not yet plan to leave this site

  • 30th March, 2017: I had switched off my phone to avoid distractions and was tired of studying and felt like talking to somebody, so google searched ‘Stranger Chat’, found TWS, and engaged with users on the Random Chat for a few days. (Yes, been 2 effing years.)

    Thereafter, I had various stints on and off the site. I have toggled between Random, Global, Banter, Voice and Main site. Obviously, I haven’t been here for the entire 2 years. My active state has hardly been for more than an year.

    And my next Plan of Action is a secret.
    My unpredictability makes me a mystery, and that is how I would like it to stay. :)

    P.S.: Thanks to you, many people got an online mumma. Your presence has been enlightening, and the talks with you has been entertaining. I hope that your Polygamy wish gets fulfilled :p

  • @Wolfie11 , 🥰😙☺️😊😁😄😂 I love that you’re here. My online kids are awesome and never cease to keep me company and make me laugh. I’m glad to be able to listen when needed and give advice if asked. 💜 Love my kiddos.

  • What brought me here
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    What keeps me here
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  • @nightshifter Literally just thought I could use ten minutes breaks from studies to talk to people and give my mind the space it needs.
    Spoke to one random dude one day, for over an hour, that's 50 minutes past my break-time limit.
    I didn't know if I was being catfished or what, but it was fucking good.
    One, we connected alot
    Two, I accidentally disconnected the chat.
    Joined TWS to find the dude, only to find SO MANY BRILLIANT PEOPLE and learn things about them and teach them things.
    It's been a good trip.
    Mic drops
    Takes a bow

  • @spaceboy Oh it was August mmmm nearly a year within months from now. I also dunno how I appeared maybe it was like a mushroom suddenly exist lol, anyway thank you for the friendship and for trusting me so much even your personal struggles.. :-)

  • TWS kindof is like the real world. I mean you meet lots and lots of different people, weirdos of all kinds, pervs, and lots of good-hearted warm gents. If you go to facebook or such, you instantly get stuck into the bubble with the same kind of weirdness you subscribe too. It's kinda boring. On TWS you're confronted with each and every kind...

    And you become friends with some and learn interesting things from others. There'll always be surprises... It never gets boring. Except when there is a low tide again (everyone is on another shore) hmm...

  • @riyajohn said in What brought you here? What keeps you here?:

    Well, I just wish people wouldn't change their identity so freakin often here... Even though I'm guilty of that two :shrug:

  • Dumb, but entertaining whyndians

  • @pe7erpark3r This is news to me bruv