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    Hello all @Global-Moderators

    We are happy to announce that we've fixed the issues with Awards functionality. Thanks to Bela for pushing us and inspired by Div's creativity around trying to have awards via groups.

    Awards Intro
    For those who don't know what awards are. Awards is a system for rewarding top community users. It allows us to define set of awards that could be granted to users for special accomplishments.

    How to suggest
    For suggesting a new Award you need to suggest following 3 things.

    • Name

    • Image

    • Description

    Google Chrome.png

    We can use this topic for discussion around new Awards and People who need to be awarded.

  • @TalkWithStranger
    Image of what!? I don't get that image part

  • @Lucid-dreamer said in Awards List and Discussions around winners:

    Image of what!? I don't get that image part

    Yes what is image, further explain coz ive been pushing Ash for this and until now we dont get what is this really.. @TalkWithStranger

  • @Bela-Hella @Lucid-dreamer Image is basically the badge, we can use the similar medals or it can be any other type picture like a crown or cup. All up to our imagination. Here are some other examples.


  • Global Moderator


    Name: Meme's god
    Description. This medal/award is/are given to users who has a penchant of making others laugh via quirky memes.

    Name : Voice Chat Lengend
    Description: This medal/award is/are given to active users who has entertain people with their voice and have playfully engaged and encouraged others to turn their mic on.

    For the images, i give all trust in u.. Thats all i suggest and we cont. div's inspire awards and the old awards.. Hopefully we can implement this soonest

  • @Bela-Hella Let's do this, we were waiting when one of you will suggest these.

    We can add these. Can you get a topic going around who is needs to be awarded these. Polls or something. Up to the community to pick. Not sure how old users were picked. Ragner took the lead last time. May be Div be our awards nominator considering how he created previous ones.

  • Global Moderator

    Name: Best Replies Twsian
    Description: This award/medal is/are given to users who are ultimately filled with wittiness,creativity and a lot of good thoughts in replying a certain topic or post.

    Name: Best Topic Maker
    Description: This is given to users who can create a funny,original,meaningful and worth remembering topic(s) of all times.

    Name: Funniest User
    Description: This is given to users who act silly, tell funny jokes, say odd things and still captures one's heart, and tickles our tummy with his/her sense of humor.

    Name: Pubchat Reviver
    Description : This award is given to users who indulges in senselessly humorous talks and encourages others to voice their opinion too, and never will let the chat in CPR mode..

    Name: Best Tws User
    Description : This award is given to someone who is revered by the users of TWS for their immense dedication and punctuality for the betterment of the users and the site.

    Name: Darling of the Crowd
    Description: Award given to users who can capture everyones attention, and for those who's mere flash of the name can strike an impact to users because of natural wit,aura and charm.

    Name: Hella Avatar User
    Description: Award given to users who's profile is so unique, eye- catching and can pull anyones curiosity what is her/his profile stands for.

    Name: Helpful User
    Description: award given to kind and accomodating users who can provide the most genuine and sincere help or response for other members in need.

  • @Bela-Hella Thanks, we'll review them and add. Then you guys can share with the community