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  • This is a very profound and provocative post, though. It's no hype to say that I'm as excited by your output, @Кara, as I was while first reading 'The Unnamable' trilogy by Samuel Beckett. In a lot of ways, you're even more interesting than Beckett. As a 90 year old man with the world's most craggy face, he had good reason to be plagued by existentialism. You're an attractive teenage girl. The whole thing is just intriguing.

    I mean, the whole thing just dovetails with my own thinking of late. The crazy actions of our brain structures, versus subatomic physics, and the way it's got no excuse for not tallying or making itself known in the collective unconscious ...and yet there's still no real meaning. You could say, 'Yeah, but we've only known about quantum physics for about a century, how could it have affected society so soon?' Yeah, but the vibe of quantum physics has always been with us. We've always known something's going on. Consciousness is a powerful, meaty subject, but as a people we've done practically nothing to show it respect. We need distractions? Fine. But why distract ourselves with rubbish like capitalism, and familial ties, and sex, and fickle romance?

    Another way this post ties up with my own thinking: supposing you could control the processing power of your own mind (and as computer nerds, this is only what a lot of modern people aspire to), and supposing you could go disincarnate (and as religious and / or people who want to live on ideologically after our deaths -- this is also what we want, right?) --what would you do? Where would you go? Would you embed yourself in someone else's mind? If that's the case, why don't 'The Dead' ever give us a look in, and gently nudge us towards a more contemplative lifestyle?

    Y'know. It'd be nice to think your post would set this place alight. Maybe wise old alumini like @spaceboy, @TheRisingSun or @nightshifter could give their opinions?

  • ->One's idea of whats right and wrong mostly stems from the process of simulating the potential/retrospective outcomes one perceives.
    <- Then if one perceives all, they will know whats right and wrong
    -> Yes but that doesn't matter as people attach morals to emotion, not emotions to morals
    <- Emotions to morals?
    -> morals are what we value. What we value are what makes us feel. What makes us feel is the human experience i.e. the objective.
    <- Then it doesn't matter what you attach to what, as the objective is the same
    -> Yes but emotion limits one's ability to perceive. Attaching values to one emotions will result in more emotion of that kind which will limit one's ability to perceive anything other than that value attached to the emotion.
    <- So one's perceiving ability is limited by the very mechanism which causes one perceive
    -> Yes. One's moral dictates one's emotional capabilities
    <- You explained that by attaching morals to emotion, you spiral to cycle of emotions dictating one's morals. Doesn't that make attaching emotions to morals impossible?
    ->Yes as emotions were there first. There cannot be a moral without emotions to begin with
    <- Then our perspective is shaped by our emotions as it decides whats right and wrong
    -> Yes. Therefore Morals aren't absolute.
    Lets say absolutes exist in something being correct or incorrect.
    That means that determining whats right and wrong is the incorrect way to decide whats actually right and wrong (correct & incorrect). Therefore the subjective reality is really determined by what you perceive (including influences from others). Therefore, being able to go beyond this perception which ultimately determines desire therefore values (moral) allows you to isolate the part of you is actually perceiving the real time reality (which is usually mixed in proportion with the ego [perceiving])
    We are therefore Dual beings. And that's an absolute

  • Wonderful mind!

  • @Кara said in The main principle of life and existance is the submission to order.:

    What made you read this?

    This was a question that caught my attention, the answer is really simple: because it was from you. There's something about the way you see the world and the way you decribe how you see things that is fascinating and almost painful how life is unfair to you, in a way. But don't give up, you will find what you looking for, even if it's lost somewhere in the nether!...
    Happy to see you postin again!

  • @Кara you are really so deep😯
    That's really awesome!

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    me right now:

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  • @Кara said in The main principle of life and existance is the submission to order.:

    Think about it.

    When was the definite last time you did something entirely on your own, without anyone telling you what to do or to think about.
    Was is it in your childhood?
    At pubescence?
    No, that can not be true.
    Especially not at those times, when you were still growing up and learning at your peak threshold.
    Still, you are learning everyday something of value. Every day, some thing of interest.
    Out of everything you know and you are sure about, what have you truly found out by yourself?
    And by having it found out on your own, did you have any help along the way?
    A parent / relative / sibling / cousin / friend / teacher / master, told you more to it or giving you advice, maybe?
    And who told them their wisdom?
    . . .
    Now then.
    Keep thinking. I did not tell you to stop.
    When did you actually do something entirely on your own.
    Were the thoughts and ideas of yours ever from your own imagination?
    Or were there always there, from the very beginning?
    Since "birth", one could even denote.
    And, if so, why? Why have these kind of imaginations and ideas?
    Shouldn't you get born with a clean memory?
    What if something was already stored inside of it?
    Maybe there is always something hidden there, but you haven't noticed yet.
    Maybe there is something hidden out there, but you haven't noticed yet.
    Dreams, coincidences, pattern, parallels, thoughts, ideas, imaginations, fantasies-
    Dreams, coincidences, repetitions, anomalies-


    Collect your thoughts.
    . . .
    Is it a coincidence, that you are currently reading this and trying to process this question and what i was thinking, while writing this behind "my" computer monitor screen and keyboard?
    "Who is it, behind the screen?"
    "What do they want from me?"
    "Why ask such questions?" You might ask.
    And you are right.
    Is life not complicated and confusing enough?
    Why waste power and thought for something,
    one is simply not capable of understanding?
    These are the right questions.
    But for what exact purpose?
    Another mystery.
    Or is it?
    Those neurons and brain tissue connections of yours are always running and renewing themselves, you know?
    Even without your command, they still work.
    It does not matter, what you want or desire. Your body still lives.
    You might want to die, but your pain receptors will still tell you, where it exactly hurts.
    And you are reading this. Your eyes collect the light from your monitor screen, as you are going through these lines, while the excessive amount of blue light from the visible spectrum of electromagnetic wavelengths damages your colour-sensitive eye cones.
    Some human might stop reading at this exact sentence. A bit unlikely.
    But it is still possible.
    That is called probability and chance.
    And some continue to read and process these thoughts, without even understanding anything so far.
    What made you read this?
    Is the title so appealing?
    Was it the name?
    The picture, perhaps?
    Do you actually know, that you are in control over "your" life, or is something else making you come here every day, since you have registered that account of yours?
    Predestined thoughts and actions?


    But what do i know, anyways?
    Or even you? About me, or you or this world and existance.
    Who knows what, exactly?
    No one does. Or else they would already have their answers and not waste their time here, in this world, with everyone else.
    Or would they actually leave?
    And even if they have acquired their long sought after knowledge, then what?
    Will they "rethink" their lives and actions?
    What could they even do, to change anything they and the others have done so far?
    Going back to the past?
    Is that even possible? Not only as a mere human, with a very fragile body.
    Maybe one might just get shattered across time and space?


    Have i triggered another mid-life crisis?
    Wouldn't be the first time.
    I am terribly not sorry for being not terribly sorry. Pardon me!
    Good grief and heavens and hell!
    Are we getting off-track?
    Is there even a "track" in life? A rule, to live after? A preordained path?
    Fate? Destiny?
    Sound familiar?
    You are still alive.
    You want to perish, just like all the humans from antiquity did before you?
    No, you don't. You are still alive. The clock is ticking.
    What clock?
    That human concept of yours?
    Would death even matter now, with you having got so far?
    With all this knowledge, even?
    . . .
    "Who is this "we", that this author has mentioned before?"
    "I barely know them!" or "Not even a bit, at all"
    "Are they not sitting alone at their single desk, while typing all of this?"
    Can two individual, organic, living and physical beings, who spend most of their times together be even considered as "whole", while that term defines them as being merged into a single entitiy with their entirety?
    "This is an other moot point."
    More of an question, actually.
    Why am i even doing all of this?
    To taunt you and your existance?
    To mock your beliefs and faith?
    Don't i have some of them, too?
    Or am i a cold and emotionless / heartless / soulless machine / software / programm / artificial intelligence, designed to only process information about information and to amuse the visitors of this site with even more information about mentioned information?
    Or is it because of:
    Why not?
    Maybe i am just able to?
    Or because i can?
    "That is a poor excuse."
    Who or what does even define something as right or wrong?
    There is no one here.
    It is only you, overthinking something about what someone else wrote some "time" ago on a different set place inside this world.
    Reading these different coloured picture elements or "pixels" for short, sure does a number on your vision.
    Your eyes hurt now. And so does your mind.
    What is even pain?
    You can't touch it. You can only feel it.
    Just like love.
    Does it exist now, only because you feel it and another person might not?
    You can't really measure it now, can you?
    Can you even "overthink" something?
    Sometime ago, you did not even think at all.
    You were not even born at that past.
    Now you are here. Stuck here, even.
    Wasting your free "time" here, like it is some form of currency.


    You get that by working.


    You get that by doing something.
    Blood circulation.
    Electron transmission.
    All that happening in your human and fleshy body of yours.
    That is still happening without your consent or acknowledgment.
    Oh, good!
    I actually wanted to go back to that word...
    "What word?"



    You and i have to work here, it's what i wanted to tell you from the very beginning.
    That is order.
    There is no kaos.
    It is only an other form of order, that we do not understand yet.
    There is always order. Always will be.
    Order was already there from the very beginning.
    Older then time, even.
    "Uhh, what?"
    What an ironic statement, right?
    "Older then time".
    As if time ever existed in the first place, ha!
    "Oh, look at them! They think they have figured it all out! How horribly misinformed."
    What? You didn't say that?
    Are you sure?
    There is still probability ruining our lives.
    Only one way to find out, eh?


    I broke the cycle, so who cares?

    Majority of time it seems true but not always. Specially when it comes to gritty people

  • Soul Searchers

    @Кara life is all about healing self.......beyond possibility......miss u kara

  • Soul Searchers

    @Кara misss u so much......hope you are doing well and enjoying with ur other friend.....as I dont deserve you.....

  • are you fuck ok?

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