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    The first step in synthesizing meth is to separate ephedrine from the tablets. To achieve this, chemists mix the tablets with solvent. Then, they filter out the solution and expose it to low temperature. This way they get pure ephedrine.
    After they mixed the pure powder with red phosphorus and hydriodic acid.
    The next step is to filter the red phosphorus.
    The producer then, adds a lye solution to the rest of the acid.
    The added solution binds to the meth, creating a liquid substance.
    Liquid methamphetamine is drained.
    The next step is to crystallize the drained meth. To achieve this, producers add Hydrogen Chloride gas.
    If the producers pour the mixture over a piece of cloth, the pure meth will stay on top of the fabric.
    The meth is dried and mixed with some fillers afterward.
    It is then, packaged which completes the process.

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    @DIV sorry, can't ship it worldwide.

  • @FailedLife there must surely be easier and safer things to make xP

  • @FailedLife Are you making crystal meth?

  • @DIV brother it is used by woman for weight loss. If you wanna take it then go ahead 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • if i said i could ship to you , doubt you 'll believe anyway.

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