Statues - what are they _actually_ thinking?

  • How can anyone ever be sure that statues are actually thinking about the things they're meant to be thinking? Maybe their expressions are completely different to what's actually going on in their heads? Some of them just look like they're getting high, and surely that's a bad influence?

    Also, someone could look at that statue of Edward Colston and say, "Look at that dirrty old racist. They should tear that down". And he's thinking, 'I'm not even Edward Colston, I'm just his statue. And I'm not even racist'. Do statues have a greater degree of consciousness than action figures just because they're bigger? If you had two statues in a stare-out contest with each other, how would you decide the winner if neither one blinks? Just, which one falls apart first over the course of centuries?

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran Hella Assassins

    Every atom has a soul. Every tree or stone has it's own life. If someone gives them form or face, of course he gives them an ability to think too.

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