• Tough choice

  • @eddie007 Zombie apocalypse is better,as zombies are easy to kill whereas aliens may have high tech weapons which could destroy us.

  • @eddie007 According to scientists,no other planet in solar system is said to sustain life other than earth. So if aliens decide to attack earth they are likely to come here from a planet which could be millions of light years from us. So in order to overcome a large distance aliens need to build a spaceship which is robust and could travel such a large distance. On the other hand,humans till date are unable build such a high tech spaceship. So if there is an invasion,aliens are likely to do it with such a spaceship and if aliens are able to build such a high tech spaceship, they can also possess more high tech weapons unknown to us.So no doubt, aliens will be more intelligent compared to humans.

  • @Roney1718

    What if aliens are more dumb than humans?? 😂

  • @Roney1718

    You spent so much time writing this answer to my nonsense question. I am now definitely sure that aliens are more intelligent 😂

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