If only Admin Can...

  • If ever Admin can expense all cost from fare to everything just for us all to meet up and attend a grand TWS party, what is your ideal theme? venue? And who do you like to see? Discuss anything since this will never happen at all Lol 😂

    Mine: I like Safari theme.. I like to see @Morf and @Wolfie_11 and hear them speak PUTRAGIS.. Hahaha
    And to see a lot of peepz really.. Cant mention all or else the whole tws users will be tag lmao

    What is yours??

  • @Bela-Hella I have thought of this before lol.
    So how i would like it is this: all the users dressed up according to how the tws in general views them. So you get to be cosplaying your own character. Idk about the venue and idc. I imagined a ball kind of a thing xD
    And i would like to see all of the users i know. I'll be observing from the shadows 😃

  • @Bela-Hella
    I would prefer a ‘Sniper-Shootout’ Theme.
    Upon entering the premises of the Venue, which will be a deep dark forest, everybody will be given Snipers (with fake bullets) and a kevlar with sensors that can track a hit equivalent to a kill thereby, declaring a KNOCKOUT. Everybody will have a partner-in-crime. Two peeps, Many groups, Infinite Supply of Energy Drinks and a map of the whole place with luxurious staying places. We will have to stealthily knock the opposing duo out and then we can capture their ‘Luxurious Place’ and the last group standing will win. There will be no shoot-out before Dawn and after Dusk. SO MUCH FUN😍😍

    I will have Sup as my partner because he is super-intelligent and would like to have one of the duos as Belle and Kara. The perfect opponents! That would be the BEST. PARTY. EVER.!

  • @Bela-Hella

    Imagine how awkward would be if ALL of tws would be present in that party, like all the girls you got noods from, all the ones you ghosted, the ones you had fights with and the ones you are crushing over 😂
    Heck it would be super fun hahahaha I'm down to partehhhhhhh!

  • SEEKERS Global Veteran

    It could be a masquerade in Venetian style, where real faces will become a masks for tws alter egos. And definitely this event should happen on the space station. Earth in window, freaks in a tin cans, a hungry alien in a cargo bay. Ridley Scott will envy.

  • Draw Rangers

    I never thought about this lol..
    Yeah but if it possible to me I really meet some people from here .. For no reason 😂 ..
    So lemme thinks 🤔

    How about a grave party ? Like go to an inland n do party all night.. Or!!!
    Mile high club !

    coz u said its never happen so.. Its doesn't matter mile high club exist or not..

    Small island

    And who do you like to see?
    My tws friends 😂

  • @Bela-Hella
    Yesh. Its like Paint Balls or Laser Tag but carried out over a larger area and on a large scale. Sup is funnily intelligent and witty. He’s a sarcastic kid. Would love some entertainment throughout night that neither exhausts me nor makes me anxious. He’s just the perfect blend of that ideal partner. He can’t shoot though but I guess I’m enough for that... I will just bait the opposing snipers by disclosing his location and when the others are about to fire, I will FIRE BACK.
    YeYeYeYeYe! I’m already EXCITED!

  • Chocolate Lovers ;) SPARTAN Global Moderator

    @Bela-Hella Anything beachy/Hawaiian theme

  • @Bela-Hella Lara Croft, exactly how i imagined you! Idk how I'm viewed by twsians so I'm not sure but i think I'll look something like my pfp and I'll be wearing black 🤔

  • @spaceboy Wow superb idea. Masquerade in venetian style is so glamorous and classy, for sure Ridley Scott will be envy with all the concept and visual striking effects we have in the party..

  • @Wolfie_11 You can have Sup all day all night, btw how is he intelligent? ✌ I would love Kara as my partner.. Seems like paintballs and airsoft game, counterstrike etc.. I will enjoy for sure,Shuby.. Excited much haha

  • @Kana hej, its like a masquerade ball or portray thy own identify, very cool.. I would like to be as lara croft (tomb raider), how about u? 🙂

  • I love ur post tags especially bella is getting hella all over

  • @cuteguy1234 said in If only Admin Can...:

    I love ur post tags especially bella is getting hella all over

    Suggestion: you can make a tag 1234 i am a cute guy.. Lol

  • This post is deleted!

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