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    I've often read in people's profile 'blurbs', and in plenty of posts, references to over-thinking. It's cool to over-think things, isn't it? To brood, and be slightly neurotic, and endlessly second-guess things. People love the Woody Allen.

    But --supposing you only think you're overthinking? Eh? Presumably, if you believe in heaven, or all that Buddhist stuff, our minds will inevitably need to tally up with the collective unconscious, and if that's the case, actually, we're still probably not over-thinking ENOUGH. And so my question to you, if you consider yourself to be an over-thinker, is this:

    Supposing your psychiatrist approaches you, or your priest, or God Himself, and says, "Look, you really need to think about these things more deeply". Do you tell him, "I'M ALREADY AT MAXIMUM OVER-THINKING

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    ...or are you willing to go into true over-thinking overdrive?