• I always try to improve myself to be the "best me I can be". After doing this for so long I started asking myself "Who am I?" If I don't know myself how am I supposed to be a better me? Then I thought, there is no "me", only what I want to be and who I choose to be. From now on, I am going to be the person I want to be and make that who I am. I don't know who I am, I am going to make who I am.
    What are your thoughts on who you are? Do you think we can create who we are? How are we supposed to know who we are? Do you agree with that I want to do or do you think creating ourselves cant be done?

  • I think the idea of a person is complicated. We're all able to introspect and look at ourselves at any time we so wish. So we must know our true selves, right? It seems to logically follow that you can know yourself -- all you need to do is think. However, this isn't true. People operate on different levels of consciousness and unconsciousness, and a lot of motivations can go into even simple actions. I personally believe that you can only really know a part of yourself: the part you let yourself see. That sounds sort of circular, but let me explain.
    Imagine you have a deep unrealized fear of neglect since you were left alone and uncared for by your parents as a child. This could manifest as chronic loneliness, which might make you turn to drinking as a way to cope. Along this chain of events, I doubt most people would stop and think, "Hey, I'm probably going to ruin my life with alcoholism or liver cancer because of my parents. I should go to therapy."
    This is the difference that makes those who survive, so to speak, and those who don't; being able to think about the small things in your life that built the "you" you know now is a crucial skill. It's a skill that I think I could improve on. I think we could all improve on it. I don't think people can entirely create themselves, and that recognizing what makes you yourself requires an analytical mind and an open mindset. While you can strive to move past your beginnings, the tendrils of those beginnings will stretch throughout the rest of your existence. Recognizing and striking down ties to the past, and openly embracing that past while facing the future, is the rather poetic way people can truly understand themselves as best as possible.

  • @TheGoldenMole
    Idk wht to say bt i never ask such to me like who i m ......
    I just enjoy my life as it is and i m happy with who i m xD..

  • “Its not who you are underneath, its what you do that defines you.”

    P.S.- I’m Batman.