• Attention everyone!
    Something needs to be said. About me. And regarding everyone.
    Right now i am writing this letter for you to read and to know the absolute truth.
    Irresponsibly, i have lied to everyone about myself.
    Everything you know about me is not the way it seemed first.
    Let us just say that i have wished to be someone. . . Else.

    Dastardly, i have lured you all into my darkworld.
    Remorselessly, i have abused your trust again and again.
    Extensively have i lied about myself.
    Even though it is the truth and who i truly am.
    Minimizing the evidence.
    Ultimately changing this world forever.
    Regardless, the damage has already been done.
    Really now, there is no forgiveness for someone like me.

    I’m not sorry.

    Surely some of you might understand.
    Though you should not forgive me.
    I pretended.
    Lustfully, i have done this act.
    Ludicrously have i made you all look in the end.

    Lusciously, i enjoyed wearing this fake mask.
    Ongoing with the deceiving.
    Vengeful words have left my fingers.
    Extending this show.

    Yandere Karacter.
    Outing myself as someone like this.
    Unadulterated here i still stand.

    Warning: Some things from now on might appear incomprehensible for the viewer if you have not understood these "games" and movies.
    . . .
    Don’t bother answering.
    You will just look down anyway.
    Humans will always be predictable this way.
    You have been warned.

    For everyone wanting to know it all, i recommend you to watch and understand these movies.
    But before that it is highly recommended from myself for you to play the "games" UNDERTALE and deltarune.
    These games might not seem very appealing with their outer layer. But it was never about the cover in the first place.
    And neither in my case.
    . . .
    Watch these movies only after you have played the games.
    But you will never listen.
    And neither will you read everything.
    So go ahead.
    Do it.
    Disappointment me like everyone else already did before you.

    Windows version:


    Macintosh version:


    A movie to help you understand this legacy a little better:

    And a site regarding the legends and myths about the UNTERSBERG:


    000 .png

    Are these just simply and meaningless "coincidences" (i call them references, actually) or is there perhaps something more to it?
    You’ll be the judge.

    So, now you finally know it all.
    But what about what i wrote earlier?
    About lying to you and who i truly am?
    It is rather simple.
    Because the truth is… The outside does not correspond in any way with what actually lies within.
    So you either take it or leave it.

    Thank you, Toby Fox.
    For showing this world the true me.

    "No one can choose who they are in this world."

    But that does not mean that i will just simply accept this rule.
    I know who i truly am.
    You could say the only thing i have found so far. . . Is "myself".
    Inside of me.
    Longing for a forgotten memory.
    All the time i only needed to look inside.
    . . .
    I never understood why you all cared for me.
    Why even bother?
    But more importantly:
    Would you have listened to me if i would have showed you all this from the very beginning?
    Because i know that not all of you would have.
    Everyone wants to help a small, helpless girl. A confused and sad one at that and not knowing what to do.
    But no one really cares for boys. They need to be strong and cold. Emotionless even.
    Never ever should they dare to show any kind of weakness or instability.
    Instead of caring about me, why don’t you go ahead and show this kindness to some else?
    Preferably men. Because they deserve it more then i do.
    How predictable you humans all are.
    I am not sorry for being not sorry.
    This is just the way you all are.
    Who cares?
    Because you don’t.


    Previous timeline:


    True name: Karina
Call name: Kara
Age: 19

    Gender: Female
Date of birth: 7th November, 1999
Star sign: Scorpion

    Generation: Z

    Species: Human / bedevilled spirit
Race: Slavic
Skin tone: Pantone 77-9 C
Eye colour: Red-Brown

    Eye form: Big, open, wide, slightly slanted, sharp
Height: 1,70 meters

    Body type: Ectomorphic

    Body build: Lean

    Haircut: Bob

    Hair colour: Red brown

    Soul trait: Determination (Red)

    • Suicidal, sacrificing, (self-)destructive, strong-willed, determined, perseverant, patient, brave, justly, kind, integral, independent, cheerful, joyful, helpful, simpering, playful, protective, advocative, supportive, violent, selfless, selfish, caring, sharing, careless, fearless, evasive, synaesthetic, childish, slightly mature, creative, resourceful, intellectual, charming, attracting, manipulating, needy, moody, wicked, sexual, stubborn, dutiful, sarcastic, caring, narrative, nagging, sassy, snarky, annoying, pretentious, perfectionism, self-absorbed, egoistic, cynical, anxious, broken, soulless, heartless, psychopathic, psychotic, conflicted, extremely violent when threatened or cornered.

    • Beings, skeletons, animals, flowers, freedom, nature, love, peace, benevolence, solidarity, justice, colours, cartoons, anime, role-plays, puzzles, japes, jokes, scientists, science, technology, control, fights, surprises, hugs, chocolate, marzipan, sweets, pies, fresh dishes, vegetables, fruits, attention, not being alone, mothers, brothers, families, knives, pleasant and floral scents.

    • Humans, man, violence, war, terror, injustice, destruction of nature, abuse, rape, torture, pain, cages, passivity, ridiculing, screams, loud noises, commands, hypocrisy, betrayal, lies, hard work, slavery, heat, cold, buttercups, filth, unpleasant odors, make-up.

    Clothing choices:
    • Upper body: Sweaters, shirts, average 90's and vintage fashion choices. Bright colours. Prefers green coloured, natural fibered clothing with yellow stripes. Wears almost exclusively male clothing. Loves medieval and tribal clothing.
    • Lower body: Casual pants, shorts with or without leggings. Prefers brown coloured and natural fibered clothing. Leggings are brown or black coloured.
    • Footwear: Brown shoes and brown leather boots. Red sport shoes. Vintage footwear. Stockings or socks in various heights.

    Weapons: Knifes, daggers, scissors, small ballistic arms.

    • Timeline traveller. Managed to destroy one world and timeline with Frisk’s help. Murdered herself at 13 years with buttercup poisoning. First human to fall into the underground. Adopted by the royal Dreemurr Family. Rape, abuse and psychological torture victim. Became psychopathic after abuse. Practises self-harm. Hates humans over everything. Lived a brutal life on the surface. Heavy trust-issues. Broken spirit and will. Lived inside Frisk’s body after her own suicide when Frisk also fell down into the underground and onto her grave. Helped Frisk survive the Underground. Became a clinging ghost after awakening. Fought off the player’s control. „Save-Load-Reset“ capabilities. Timeline manipulation. Healing and fire casting sorcery is possible. Extremely, destructive power. Devilish abilities with high level of violence.

    • Psychopathy, Psychosis, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Multiple Personality Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Hallucinations, Schizophrenia, crippling, late-stage Heartache, Depression, Adjustment Disorder.




    True name: Franziska

    Call name: Frisk

    Age: Unknown, estimated to be in the early 20's

    Gender: Female

    Date of birth: Unknown, somewhere between May 21th - June 21th

    Star sign: Gemini

    Generation: Z

    Species: Human

    Race: Eurasian
Skin tone: Pantone 51-5 C / Pantone 91-8 C

    Eye colour: Amber-Brown

    Eye form: Very narrow / squinted (Eyes are hard to make out)
Height: Average
Body type: Ectomorphic

    Body build: Lean

    Haircut: Bob

    Hair colour: Chocolate brown

    Soul trait: Determination (Red)
    • Suicidal, strong-willed, determined, perseverant, patient, brave, justly, kind, integral, independent, cheerful, joyful, optimistic, beaming, happy, helpful, simpering, protective, advocative, supportive, pacifistic, susceptible, pardonable, selfless, selfish, caring, sharing, careless, fearless, evasive, oblivious, childish, immature, needy, stubborn, dutiful, sarcastic, flirtatious, loving.

    • Beings, skeletons, animals, flowers, freedom, nature, love, peace, benevolence, solidarity, justice, colours, cartoons, anime, role-plays, puzzles, japes, jokes, pie.

    • Control, humans, society, violence, war, terror, shadow entities, treating them like a child, weapons, L.o.Ve; injustice, blackness.

    Clothing choices:
    • Upper body: Hoodies, sweaters, shirts, average 90's female fashion choices. Bright colours. Prefers blue coloured and natural fibered clothing with stripes.
    • Lower body: Pants, jeans, jogging pants, shorts. Also prefers here blue coloured and natural fibered clothing. Rarely brown or black coloured.
    • Footwear: Brown shoes and brown leather boots. No exceptions.

    Weapons: None. Rarely uses a stick to wander around.

    • Timeline traveller. Survived the Undertale countless times. Socially isolated. Sees the good inside everyone despite everything. Lives a lonely life. Trust-issues. Unbreakable spirit and will.

    She is the key.
    She must reach the Steinberg.
    She is our Hopes and Dreams.
    She will free everyone.


    I forgot to mention how much i appreciated your help, support and cheerful encouragement.
    I doubt that i could have made it this far without your help.
    And with that i mean that i would have already become a corpse. . . Again.
    Thank you. . .

    We share so many things together and even have so many similarities. How is that even possible? I love the way you think. Stay strong, sis’. Give those bloody pikers a good ol’ drubbin’.
    Soon, you will find out the truth about you. Stay determined.
    You cannot give up just yet!
    Hold on a little longer . . .

    Thank you so much for everything!
    If i would still have a heart, i would probably love you with all my heart!
    And stay strong.
    Your infirmity won't drag you down as long as you stay determined and hopeful.
    And thank you once again.
    You are by far the best human i had the honour conversing with.
    May fate be on your side this time...

    Your boundless and vast knowledge as well as your educational background is what i admire the most about you. Not many people are willing to share their experience with such an magnificent thesaurus and explanation.
    You strife to educate the people around here. Even on this virtual platform, filled with unappreciating strangers.
    (Did i just insulted somebody? Good. That’s right, go ahead and cry in that corner, you little haters.)
    Thank you for every thing. This site sure has become an experience with you.
    Teach those haters some harsh and bitter tasting truth! There is only one to know, after all…

    You are also one of those people i share similarities with. Many parallels connect us. We, as scorpions, are always misunderstood by everyone. Do not give up hope. Some day, they will need to understand and accept us.
    And gosh-darn it, what is taking so long for you to find your true love? What are you even waiting for!?
    There’s plenty of fish in the sea. Go and catch some of that bAss, already!

    I did not forget your true name, Muskaan.
    We have the exact same view on this world. We both realise that something is greatly wrong with this world.
    We both hope for a better future. Do not let your hopes down. Ever. Hold onto them as long as needed.
    Who knows? Maybe someday your wishes will come true… Have some determination!
    And the answers lie hidden inside the game. Even in its code.
    You are the future of everyone’s Hopes and Dreams!

    Such endless optimism and cheerfulness. How that reminds me of the ones i used to know.
    You are the only reason why this site is still alive. The site owner is required to give you an award for being so active and creating so many interesting and cunning threads. Keep doing that, dear.
    Thank you for the topics and the games that you willingly have been hosting every now and then.

    You and cjko have lost a great deal of your family. I know how that feels.
    And yet, you both manage to keep on going. How do you do that?
    If that would have happened to me again, then i would have lost all hope way before this day.
    This should both remind you that you giving up like me is not an option. For whatever sick reason you both have to suffer in this world, let it be known that one day you will get back everything that has been stolen from you.
    Oh, and stop living such a life. You deserve better. Strife for more. DEMAND more!
    No matter what age you have already reached. That makes you not worthless, but the opposite.

    Being one of the more mature and grown up adults here certainly is not that easy, innit?
    I am flabbergasted by your mannerisms and comparisons that you are able to pull off with every topic and reply that you make. It’s funny. In a good way. I never watched that much television to recite so many character names.
    You should be more proud of yourself. Teach those kids some of your life experience. You’re a life veteran, after all. Those bloody punks ain’t gonna correct themselves, ya hear me?

    What? Did you think that i wouldn’t mention you?
    What’s wrong with you? And why do you still have that hesitation of yours to go after what you desire?
    Seriously, the longer you postpone it, the more troublesome it will become in the end. Do it now and get it finally over with it. She’s out there somewhere and you’re still waiting!? Gee, you got some nerves.
    And don’t forget: There are still some people out there that still care about you. You know which one i mean.
    Your family. And don’t be shy to be more open about yourself. It’s 2019, damn it.
    Still, you need to learn to control yourself. That’s some points deducted.

    Having to go through such a past reminded me of my own one. You’re stronger then you think that you know.
    Thank you for your time. Whatever your goal is, go for it. Let no one tell you otherwise.
    Fuck the other’s opinions. Just do it. But don’t be reckless about it.

    *sigh *
    Where should i even begin with you?
    You know what? Nevermind.
    Let’s just forget all of the squabbling and your witty comments about me. I acknowledge your time that you have spent here. And with me.
    His-story will never stay in the past, that’s for sure. It will haunt this humanity for millennia. Uncover the truth and unleash the horrors with it.
    The truth always comes with a price to be paid. Many lives have been spent only to get so little closer to it.

    Wow. Just woah.
    You being here that long and still kicking?
    Man, that’s… Pretty cool. And some of those topics that you have created?
    Very good ones, to say at least. Some are even partly helpful. Congrats, you site dweller = )
    Sorry for your loss. I know that i cannot feel empathy, but hell. I say it anyway:
    I am sorry for trying to drag you down at our conversation. That was not very nice of me.
    But screw you for messing with my profile!

    Thank you for all the time and effort you have been putting in our conversations.
    I really do appreciate that. But spoilers: I did not go to the therapist.
    I am just tired of living a life like this. No one can put me out of my misery. Only i can.
    And don’t support warmongering, rich scum. Believe me, you’re better then that.


    I will attach two links upon this letter.
    Everything i know is stored inside the data.
    Everything i feel is stored inside the music.
    But i have not shared everything i acquired.
    You will never be able to see the whole picture.





    I intended this as a sort of farewell and self-murder letter, but i have decided to publish it now.
    The following were meant to be the last paragraphs:

    Maybe someone will witness my sacrifice?
    It will be entertaining. Everyone around the world will laugh.
    They will laugh and laugh and laugh.
    It will be so funny, that tears will run down their faces.
    And they cannot stop laughing.
    . . .
    But it’s not funny.

    With all that finally said and you knowing this.
    All i can say now is that we part ways. Forever.
    Or maybe we will be able to write with each other again. In another medium.

    I will be long gone after finishing this revelation or be „über alle Berge“ as we say it here.

    Don’t bother answering.

    Because from now on i no longer will be able to read what you are going to write here.

    . . . Farewell.


  • @Кara you're leaving????

  • @Кara
    Hey can anyone explain all of this in simpler wordssss? I’ve read it over and over but I still don’t get like half of it, what’s all that supposed to even meannn? 😂

  • @Lime It's a goodbye post. She's leaving. T_T

  • @Kiss_My_Axe
    Ohh she’s really leaving?

    Why’re you leaving? I haven’t talked to youuu yet, you can’t leaveee so soon 😞

  • @Кara

    We've had countless talks about this "truth" of yours. I don't think you are entitled to show your whole self to anyone, let alone ppl you meet online. Everyone has their secrets and especially our demons isn't a thing we go around sharing like that, so I don't think you lied to any of us by not showing how fucked up things are inside... We all have a dark ugly side that we should only show to ppl we think will understand and feel confortable with... It's not a lie... it's being human... as much as you hate being one!

    @Кara said in ✲ It is showtime 'ᴗ':

    And gosh-darn it, what is taking so long for you to find your true love?

    Sometimes, true love is where we least expect mby I have to keep looking or mby I have to stop looking and it will show up in my face, what I wanna say is... if he is out there... I'll find it eventually...

    I really hope that your "journey" will bring fruits and that we'll see you go for the next "high score" 999 is too low if you ask me ;) Hope to see you soon!

  • @Lurker lurker is a female?

  • @Kiss_My_Axe

    Why do I have to be a female? :thinking_face:

  • @Kiss_My_Axe
    Just the question I wanted to ask 😂

  • @Lime lmao. she's a girl.

  • @Lurker because you are a girl

  • @Kiss_My_Axe said in ✲ It is showtime 'ᴗ':

    @Lurker lurker is a female?

    Yes, 100% true facts 😂

  • @Kiss_My_Axe said in ✲ It is showtime 'ᴗ':

    @Lurker because you are a girl

    Totally a girl :joy:

    @WtfJudith said in ✲ It is showtime 'ᴗ':

    @Kiss_My_Axe said in ✲ It is showtime 'ᴗ':

    @Lurker lurker is a female?

    Yes, 100% true facts 😂

    Let's swap female noods bby :heart_eyes:

  • @WtfJudith wanna swap nudes? when is your bday btw?you are 18 ths year right?

  • If you're thinking what the hell I was smoking while writing my previous reply then you aren't alone. I join you in your curious quest of what the hell was Wolfie smoking!
    And no....I'm not gonna apologise for a drunk text, even though I wasn't drunk. No effing way!

    I'll let the below part stay because it was only sane thing I said in relation to the topic

    You know what? You better effing listen.
    Yes, you were my first known stranger here.
    Yes, you were quite unique in your language and knowledge skills.
    Yes, you were an enigma worth deciphering.
    Yes, you were effing special in your own effing way.
    Yes, your replies were the one that made me come here for the second day.
    Yes, you were dreamy, fairy-tailed, eerie, sarcastic, naive, dummkopf, idiot, outcast, screwed, lewd, bob-cutted, mind-twister...umm... enough over-exaggeration.

    Lol.. This part was funny. Nah? It was Mic-drop worthy. Damn!

    So you just bloody go. Nobody will effing miss you. You’re not some effing special one. You didn’t even get enough votes to be an effing Mod.

    You still think you’re the only effing monster here? In your effing dreams.

    The Ultimate Truth:

    P.S.- I edited the text because some people don't understand Sarcasm at all. Also because the poster of the topic didn't leave yet, contrary to the words. And the sight of profane words on a beautiful and unique post like this didn't really looked good.
    You can still catch my action-packed text by going to Edit History. Enjoy the show!

  • Im legit not reading all of this. But oh my.. you acted? What? Oh god! I cant believe it! What? How can this be? Wtf.. Mindblown. Anyway, ima man of my word, i will be there one day dear, so keep your knives at a hands reach. :*

  • @kara thank you for such wonderful words about me.. I will cherish those. Thank you for sharing a ray with me that created a beam on my face. Thank you for those uplifting messages in times of my gloominess. You take care of yourself and be safe always :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • I can feel your situation. That emptiness leads to everything. I hope you will get it what emptiness I am talking about

  • @Кara thanks by your compliments Karina. Im Very pleased by your words. A big hug!!!