• Depression is like drowning.
    I’m scared of all those voices.
    Inside my head
    They scream to hxll
    They could bring me to death
    I can’t let them win
    So tired of this life
    So tired to fight
    I just want to let go
    Close my eyes take a deep breath and sink into unconsciousness after all wasn’t I born to die?

  • @fwkkiki Hang in there Kiki.This too shall pass.

  • @attaboyoyo - no, it won't pass. stop trying to be positive and so optimistic about everything. if your cat dies you would go through the same thing as well. everyone has their reasons. maybe she lost her dad or broke up with her boyfriend. you never know. and don't tell me that it won't worth it cause no one can help to choose to be in a depression or not. it is like a deadly disease. eats your mind and you can't do anything about it. you become overwhelmed and wish to die but on the other hand, you are afraid. afraid of unknown. afraid of the other world or whatever it is after the death. by saying"this too shall pass" makes a person to think that she is all alone. but she is not. I am depressed too. I can feel the same things too and we can't do anything. you should stop listening every bullshit you hear. we won't get any better. we are damaged souls. it won't pass. it will stay. time means nothing. it does not heal a thing. all we can do is to wait. wake up, eat, sleep. that's all. life is short. torture won't be so long.

  • @likearainbow Your talking to the king of depression.I know all about it.I am just saying hang in there and hope for better days ahead.What else can a person do?

  • @fwkkiki I feel the same

  • you weren't born to die, you were born to live (y'all might think this is hypocritical, and maybe it is but idc).