• Is it ok to think youre better than others?

  • @Alte
    Ofcourse. That's what keeps you going. The thought of being the best and to always be able to maintain that position. Superiority Complex is a different phenomena all together but thinking yourself above someone because you feel you've earned it is alright.

  • Sure.
    Just don't get too cocky.

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    There's a thin line between, being better and being superior. If you don't cross that line and keep your ego aside,then you're good to go.

  • @Alte said in Better than others:

    Is it ok to think youre better than others?

    Yeah, it's ok to have that thought and keep it to yourself. Just don't blow your own trumpet.. let them notice it from you. Walk your talk as well. Respect everyone from any walks of life, that's the only KEY. No matter how knowledgeable you are or no matter how high you've reached in life,bear it on your mind to just keep your feet on the ground. :)

  • @Alte I guess it is okay, but if you think you're better than someone then it is probably because you in truth are not. If you were you wouldn't have had that thought to begin with.

  • @Alte Nope. Cause your judgement can never be true. Why can it not be true? Simply because you will never know the other persons history, his or her motivations, what drives them to act the way they do. If you are honest you cannot even judge yourself this way. So its also wrong to think someone else is better than you.

    What you can judge is that you can be better at something. That's just a fact, an observation. Sometimes it's easy, sometimes it's hard, never be too sure...

    Humility is a good thing mate. It makes sure you keep your eyes open and your mind sharp, cause it allows you to actually process the reflection that others give you and become better.

  • well if you think that then you have too look in the eye that someone probally is better then you and that makes the concept mean less. but yes it's okay just dont get value out of it or bully other people. it's probally natural to think that, way, you prabally just a normal person.